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A state-of-the-art IT environment depends on airtight security measures. Common threats like ransomware, phishing scams, password cracking and DDoS attacks are increasing in frequency and could cripple your business and damage your reputation. Cyber criminals will constantly create new ways to attack your systems—are you constantly innovating to protect yourself?

Combat the fear of the unknown with powerful, proven preventative measures. Enlist the right partners and build a strategy to identify and eradicate security threats before they cause harm to your network.

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Building Better Defences

  • Check how many devices are connected to your network - each one represents an open door for hackers, so consider our Endpoint Security
  • Simple passwords are easily cracked! Don't let passwords be the weak link in your network
  • Penetration testing uses the skill set of a hacker to find your weak spots - so you can stay a step ahead
  • Phishing emails are trickier than ever, unless you know what to look for

Why SysGroup?

SysGroup prides itself on a premium service across the three main areas of our business–cloud systems, consultancy and service. Our IT security consultancy brings the three together, fusing premium hardware and resilient performance, exceptional technical know-how and premium back-up from our service desk.

We’ve held Platinum WatchGuard partner status since 2008, using its pioneering cyber security technology to ensure network security, secure Wi-Fi and a robust framework for security management. We’re ISO 27001 accredited, and offer PCI-compliant hosting solutions.

We help you guard against external threats while strengthening your network from the inside against internal attacks.

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