Case Study

SysGroup Under Lockdown

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The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown presented the same existential challenge for us as it did to other organisations:

  • Threat to delivering customer services and value
  • Potential inability to transact, interact and engage
  • Danger of reduced focus & morale & increased anxiety


1. A robust technology platform consisting of:

  • Flexible core (SysCloud)
  • Secure connectivity
  • Unified communications and collaboration

2. Primed business continuity plan refined through our crisis response and supported by our technology platform.

3. Organisational culture supporting our people and team working strategy to deliver service value for our customers through a time of crisis.


  • Engagement and leverage of our entire workforce despite geographic spread
  • Encouraging a collaborative teamworking rhythm to preserve operational integrity
  • Continued ability to transact and deliver during the lockdown
  • Our platform ensured we could continue to manifest our core service value to our customers
Because of our swift lockdown response, we were able to present our organisational value to our customers remotely, without a loss of focus, performance and quality.


"For SysGroup, our response combined a flexible but robust IT platform powering a strong team culture, that enabled us to shift to homework with little or no service interruption for our customers.”

Adam Binks



"We thrive on a distributed operating model, which made our transition seamless. We activated our home-working contingency plan early & importantly helped our customers to do this too. ​ We achieved 97%+ overall customer satisfaction during lockdown"

Sumayya Suleman

Head of Customer Experience


"We maintained our first response SLA of 98% as well as implementing several major upgrades​ to customer infrastructure without impact from lockdown."


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