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Brentwood School

School Grounds
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Brentwood School’s biggest challenge was sustainable and affordable backup. Previously, backing up their VMs required several hours per server and diverted the IT staff’s attention away from more important tasks. Costs were also climbing and eating into the IT budget at an unsustainable rate. Their goal was to find and implement a more cost-effective VM backup solution to protect mission-critical applications that enabled optimal teaching and learning.


Implementing Veeam® Software was a key part of the solution devised for Brentwood School. SysGroup is a fully accredited Veeam Gold Partner and VMware Enterprise Partner, and helped Brentwood virtualise their systems with a cost-effective and powerful Veeam solution.

School Library


Brentwood School now has:

  • A cost-effective solution to meet budget requirements – no hidden costs
  • More reliable backup to protect mission-critical applications – no unacceptable downtime
  • Streamlined file-level recovery to save time and improve efficiency – no lost data and time


With Veeam, we can search through 100 days of individual copies of any file, this is invaluable for files that change daily, such as Microsoft Excel and Access files we use to write reports. Veeam Backup & Replication should be the yardstick against which all other solutions are measured. Its features, speed and ease-of-use are hard to match.


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