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As one of only two UK WatchGuard Platinum partners, SysGroup offers total IT security management to our customers. 

WatchGuard is one of the world’s leading providers of network security, secure Wi-Fi and network intelligence products, enabling the delivery of enterprise level security in an easy to manage and easy to deploy solution to over 80,000 customers. 

Whether our customers need layered network security, multi-factor authentication or completely managed IT services, WatchGuard’s state of the art technology can solve the most pressing security issues.

To find out more about our partnership with WatchGuard, please visit our WatchGuard Services website.

Enterprise Level Cyber Security At Your Fingertips

Our partnership with WatchGuard offers you the complete suite of cyber security solutions. Keep your critical systems and data safe using an easily implemented and managed solution with the highest grade of protection.

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With a rapidly evolving cyber-threat environment, multiple services must work in perfect synchronisation to keep your company safe. Automated intelligent and sophisticated technology works to prevent, detect and instantly react to cyber-attacks, saving your reputation, improving your time management and reducing costs.

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Easily deploy, configure and maintain your cyber security, while working with a bespoke and granular out of the box technology. Save your time and better allocate resources using WatchGuard security.

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Gain the ability to monitor and report on the health of your IT infrastructure. Be proactive with your threat identification and be confident that you are utilising leading cyber security technology to take corrective action against known issues.

About WatchGuard

For over 20 years, WatchGuard has pioneered cutting-edge cyber security technology and delivered it as easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions. WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

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