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SysGroup works with one of the world’s leading IT companies, Gemalto, to ensure your emails stay safe. Gemalto software combines two of three possible authentication methods, so that any data leak that could compromise user names or passwords remains secure, without a unique third authentication factor. From cloud-based authentication solutions to encryption products, Gemalto’s security solutions are trusted by more than 30,000 businesses globally, offering you unparalleled security online, and unprecedented peace of mind.

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Why do I need two factor authentication?

Staff and system passwords – and their maintenance – can be notoriously difficult to manage across an organisation. From May 2018, when the EU’s new GDPR (general data protection rules) kick in, organisations will need to pay even greater attention to password security to comply with the new legislations. While some single factor authentication passwords will be allowed in specific circumstances, GDPR will tighten up data and email security across the board.

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Two key options

• One Time password (OTP). Generated in two places (to you as a user, and one Gemalto Servers) and gain access when they match. These are suitable for most organisations.

• Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Identifies a user by linking a pair of public and private keys via the user’s identity credentials. The private key is used to authenticate, encrypt and digitally sign.

What are the benefits?

GDPR compliance. Don’t leave your security to chance. Get into the habit now of working with a robust, automated system

• Peace of mind. Passwords are only as strong as the people who create them. 2FA takes the element of chance out of your security by adding a crucial extra level of information

• Reduce the chance of hacking and fraud risks – make sure your business isn’t an easy target

• Ideal companion to cloud hosting, where your data *could* be accessed remotely

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Why choose SysGroup?

You can trust us with your security. Alongside our ISO72001 status, we’re one of just two UK-based WatchGuard platinum partners. SysGroup boasts an unparalleled reputation for security – we are trusted by clients in the education, charities, retail and financial services sectors, because of our robust reputation for security. Our wide-ranging technical expertise is coupled with more than 15 years of practical experience, making our experience cutting-edge, cost-effective, and always up-to-date.

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