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Automating GDPR compliance makes sure that data is secure and your business is compliant and audit-proof, and builds security principles into the development process.

GDPR has created a great opportunity to make businesses more aware of data and security, tightening processes and prompting improvements. 

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What are the benefits?

  • Reduce your risk: test; produce reports to analyse the rigour of passwords, databases and firewalls
  • Peace of mind: the Data Protection Commissioner will come down hard on companies that don’t take the appropriate steps to protect data…
  • Comply with the act’s ‘privacy by design’ approach by automating systems to minimise privacy breaches and build trust. ‘Privacy by design’ involves building privacy into your systems during the design process, rather than attempting to bolt it on later
  • Use programmes to identify and delete individual’s data, complying with the ‘right to erasure’
  • Tag data to evaluate it for processing and compliance, creating clear audit trails
  • Reduce the impact of time and resource on your business 

Why SysGroup?

SysGroup specialises in bespoke tech solutions, leading the market with innovative solutions, rather than products. Our reputation for security, performance and delivery is reinforced by an agnostic approach to technology, allowing us to create a bespoke solution that matches your specific needs.

As expert consultants in cloud migration, security audit and managed IT systems, SysGroup prides itself on our wide-ranging technical expertise, exceptional service and reputation for innovation.

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