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Next generation proxy technology goes far beyond firewalls

Security threats to businesses are increasing all of the time. Research shows that cyber crime doubled in 2015, affecting 46% of businesses – according to statistics from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – up from 24% the previous year. High profile breaches at companies including Three Mobile and Tesco Bank have drawn attention to cyber crime, which is bucking other crime trends in become more aggressive and confrontational.

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Why do I need a firewall?

Data is becoming an ever-greater prize. Make sure that your security provision defends against the threats of the future – not the past. Our security partner WatchGuard’s next generation proxy technology is the next logical step in network security. Current DPI (deep packet inspection) can be easily overwhelmed by heavy traffic, and inspects only packet-level content. We work alongside WatchGuard, using its cutting-edge Fireware technology to decrypt and reassemble incoming traffic to scan packet data at the application level. Keep your systems more secure than ever by blocking threats more effectively. 

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What are the benefits?

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Using cutting-edge technology means that each security engine works faster and applies deeper analysis to stop increasingly sophisticated threats more efficiently

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Unparalleled Security

Suspicious payloads are blocked, with only ‘known good’ traffic allowed to pass through. Proxying is the most secure method of processing data

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You AND your customers know that you’re implementing the most up-to-date technology to protect their data. With data protection policy becoming tighter than ever, make sure you’re fully compliant with protocols including GDPR

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WatchGuard has developed the most cost-effective security systems, factoring in performance, functionality and round-the-clock support

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Full Security Package

Including: intrusion prevention service (IPS); application control; web blocker (Anti-spam functionality); gateway antivirus (GAV); reputation enabled defence (RED); network discovery; APT blocker; data loss prevention; dimension and dimension command; threat detection and response (TDR)

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Why choose SysGroup?

Fireware is designed for the future of network security, not the past. Security is a core service, and we work closely with our partners at WatchGuard – we were its first WatchGuard Platinum Partner in the UK, UK partner of the year in 2015, and are still one of just two in the country. Alongside our WatchGuard status we hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation, and provide best in class solutions. Whatever your size, scale or budget, trust our expertise to really understand your business and make the best recommendation to fit your needs and budget.