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Each connected device in your business is a potential security threat.

Maintained at the level of each device, rather than network-wide, SysGroup's endpoint security system works in tandem with your network security to keep your business safe, secure and streamlined.

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Why choose endpoint security?

Every mobile phone, laptop or tablet is a weak point in your business’ security. The increased incidence of remote employees, or staff using personal phones, puts your network security under stress. Our endpoint security system vets devices and monitors connectivity, encrypts data, whitelists applications and blocks harmful activity. It gives you the power to control access to your network and install user privileges.

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What are the benefits?

  • Extra security and peace of mind
  • Protect company documents and prevent unauthorised access. Safeguard devices against loss or theft
  • Remote access connects via a Remote Access VPN, running alongside a firewall to ensure compliance and monitor network activity
  • Protect against malware, viruses, zero-day threats and bot attacks, and isolate compromised devices
  • Forensic facilities both outline an attack and limit damage
  • Enforce company security policy via an admin panel, creating unique user setting options for both teams and individuals

Why SysGroup?

From our technical expertise to our award-winning service desk, SysGroup provides a premium service across cloud migration, security audit and managed IT services. Building on our broad expertise and agnostic IT knowledge, we work with some of the world’s biggest retailers, financial services companies and education providers. They trust our reliable, bespoke advice and unparalleled reputation for security.

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