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UK government stats revealed in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 show nearly seven in ten large businesses identified a cyber security breach or attack, costing an average of £20,000, rising to millions of pounds in some cases.

From ransomware and bitcoin mining to phishing, password security and e-training courses, SysGroup provides an up-to-date safety net for businesses looking to update their IT security procedure and prevention. We work with customers to deliver a collaborative approach, giving you confidence that your organisation, data and reputation is protected.

We provide unified threat management firewalls, WatchGuard APT blockers, endpoint security, F2A, email filtering, vulnerability audits and penetration testing. Our solutions guard against both external threats, and within your own network.

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Why do I need to think about IT security?

As cybercrimes increase and cyber attacks exploits systems, networks and technologies, businesses need to make themselves aware of the issues and their implications. IT security continues to be a big topic in the industry, with new legislation including GDPR bringing the consequences of a breach into sharp focus.

SysGroup Managed IT Services
SysGroup Managed IT

What are the benefits?

  • Highly-trained certified technicians who’re up-to-date on security developments and threats, so that you don’t have to be
  • Reduce the threat of downtime on your website, or internal systems
  • Full suite of IT security tools and solutions including penetration testing, multi-factor authentication, and email security, from market leaders like WatchGuard and Mimecast.
  • Protect personal info – particularly pertinent in the lights of new GDPR regulations, and guarantee to suppliers you are GDPR compliant
  • Improve productivity without having to worry about or lose time to security attacks
  • Give your customers unprecedented confidence in your business

Why choose SysGroup?

You couldn’t be in better hands… Alongside our ISO27001 accreditation, we combine an exceptional reputation for IT security – which includes platinum partner status with WatchGuard – with first class tech know-how and account management. We also work closely with security specialists including Vasco, Mimecast, which adhere to and support PCI DSS compliancy, making sure that your organisation isn’t seen as easy pickings by the cyber criminal.

We pride ourselves on being transparent, open and innovative with the solutions we propose, adding real value to your business by developing solutions and implementing services that work best for you.

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