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VPC innovation has brought cloud solutions together, creating a private cloud environment on public cloud infrastructure.

Our shared multi-tenant cloud platform gives customers the economies of scale on traditional public cloud, with high performance hardware for fast networking and fast storage.

We’ll take care of your specific customer requirements, including PCI compliance,  locked rack and dedicated hardware in a private cloud model, creating an on-premise IT platform isolated just for you.

SysGroup’s various monitored and supported options to choose include four available tiers. Each virtual server comes with VMware, 1 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1Mbps CDR, with full backup 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Why do I need VPC?

While conventional wisdom tells us that managed private cloud systems are not only more comprehensive and faster, but also more secure, they inevitably involved an element of inflexibility – you were tied to resources you’d already bought historically, without the capacity to flex and scale to meet demand. Public cloud, by comparison, was less expensive and more scalable – but also features less reliable performance and lower levels of security. VPC brings the two together.

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What are the benefits?

  • Ringfenced resources, making sure that operating systems, storage, RAM and data are securely partitioned
  • A customised private environment, alongside better-allocated resources allows more consistent performance, plus the flexibility to scale quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • High performance, dedicated resource to run email, database and web applications, supporting compliance and enhancing security
  • More cost-effective than traditional private cloud: no need for capital investment in your own servers, with a guaranteed monthly cost
  • VMware we can support Windows and Linux to create an environment that perfectly meets your needs
  • Super-quick back up and recovery options

Why choose SysGroup?

Our focus on security, flexible approach and confidence with projects of any size and scale make us an innovative and trustworthy tech partner. Security lies at the heart of everything we do, and we’re one of just two UK-based WatchGuard Platinum partners.

We’re also cloud agnostic, so we won’t push you in a particular direction. We listen to what you need and how you work, focusing on solving problems to creating a flexible, bespoke system that works for your business. We use that experience and innovation to develop huge, global cloud platforms, and small, agile platforms designed to scale and flex. Whatever size solution you’re looking for, we’ve got the expertise…

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