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Cloud desktop allows you to access files and applications from a range of internet-connected devices.

Use encryption and state-of-the-art security to keep your information safe, and make the most of reliable, resilient, fast software, personalised for optimum performance.

Why choose cloud desktop?

Modern business demands teams that are flexible and agile. As remote and mobile team workers grow, cloud desktop creates a flexible and scalable way to equip staff. Compared to the more expensive VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), your team will recognise DaaS (Desktop as a Service)’s familiar applications, making working life as seamless as possible. DaaS also reports logon information and location, and can be location-restricted for maximum security.

SysGroup Cloud Desktop

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SysGroup Cloud Desktop

What are the benefits?

  •  Fast, reliable access to files from anywhere in the world, while maintaining stringent security protocols
  • Cloud desktops reduce costs and free up space occupied by hardware, and prove cheaper than the up-front costs of VDI
  • Create a customised package that reflects your business use, personalised for different teams, for scalable desktop delivery
  • Budget for fixed monthly costs with a flexible contract and customisable software package

SysGroup takes care of back-up and disaster recovery systems, alongside resource provisioning, load balancing and any network issues

As a technology agnostic IT provider, SysGroup provides DaaS including Microsoft Exchange, Office 2013/2016/365, legal management, CRM and payroll software alongside Windows, Internet Explorer or Firefox – the software that suits your business. Both ISO27001 and 27017 compliant, our security checks include antivirus software and email archiving, to keep your business running smoothly.

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Why SysGroup?

As expert consultants in cloud migration, security audit and managed IT, SysGroup prides itself on reliable, bespoke advice, with security at its heart. From our technicians to our service desk team, SysGroup provides a premium service, built on broad expertise and agnostic IT knowledge.

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