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Secure, internet based backup and DR solution to UK businesses.

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SysGroup’s Online Backup Service provides a secure, internet based backup and DR solution to UK businesses.

Our fully managed, monitored and secure online backup service saves you time, reduces administration and ensures total peace of mind that critical company data is safe and securely backed up.

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Challenges around data loss

On 31 March, 2015 Kroll Ontrack released their latest survey of customers who suffered data loss and highlighted how employing a backup solution alone does not entirely eliminate the problem. The 2015 survey confirms that while the majority of businesses are implementing backup solutions, unintentional gaps in backup protocols are still proving costly.

For the third-year running, well over half (61%) of respondents had a backup solution in place at the time of data loss, down slightly from 65% in 2014 and 63% in 2013.

With 71 per cent of respondents backing up their data on a daily (42%) or weekly (29%) basis, ongoing data loss issues still prevail. It appears that minor oversights or an unknowingly non-functioning backup can render backup procedures ineffective.

Kroll Ontrack report that this year’s survey data shows that of those who had a backup in place at time of data loss:

  • 21% report that their backup was not operating correctly
  • 21% simply did not have their device included in their backup procedure
  • 19% report their backup was not current, reducing the likelihood of retrieving needed data
"What stands out once again this year is that it is not enough to simply deploy a backup solution and hope for the best"

Paul Le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager at Kroll Ontrack

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SysGroup Back Up Service

Service Benefits

Using an online backup service guarantees:

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Peace of Mind

A complete backup of all your data and files is carried out on a scheduled basis without user intervention.

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DR Planning

Your company data is securely stored at an offsite location as part of a DR plan.

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Data Security

All your company data is encrypted to ensure absolute client confidentiality and data integrity.

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Fast Restore

You can quickly and easily restore key files when needed.