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Leased Lines

While business broadband provides a cost-effective solution, businesses relying on maximum security and performance from their connection will need to look at leased line options.

ADSL and FTTC are shared options, and occasionally prone to security, interference or breaks issues. If you work in a sector relying on up-to-date decision-making information, or upload and download speed, a leased line will be by far the fastest and most reliable method of internet connectivity.

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What are the benefits?

• Super-fast internet speeds with high capacity make leased line a practical choice for latency-sensitive businesses, and companies that require fast up- and download speeds, like film, advertising and design agencies 

• Maximum security – your own leased line gives you ultimate control. No shared capacity: no compromise

• Reliability. While ADSL performance is sold as ‘up to’ speed (8Mbps for ADSL, and up to 20 for ADSL+), performance deteriorates the further you’re located from your local exchange. Leased line speeds are guaranteed, and subject to SLAs

• Robust: ADSL runs over copper phone lines, tangling with numerous phone lines in your local exchange, which can causes electrical interference. Leased lines typically use fibre-optic cable, so aren’t prone to interference.

• Better support. Leased line providers monitor your lines, and can pre-empt and fix problems as soon as they happen. They’re also covered by (SLAs) and Service Level Guarantees (SLGs)

What are the options?

Don’t share capacity – maximise performance by creating a customised connectivity solution that works for your business. Leased line solutions are always ‘on’, giving you unrivalled SLA guarantees. You have three key options.

Managed internet access (MIA) fibre leased line expand accordion toggle

Guaranteed bandwidth and capacity, including the same upload and download speeds, with a choice of bandwidths ranging from 30Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s

Point to Point (P2P) fibre leased line expand accordion toggle

P2P lines created fixed bandwidth between two points or company sites, ideal when you want to create a virtual private network. It can transport, data, internet and voice.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) expand accordion toggle

EFM is a copper service (rather than fibre) to your door, giving you guarantees, a dedicated service and symmetrical upload and download speeds. More cost effective than fibre leased lines, they can take the pain out of maximum performance. EFMs can link to either a copper (phone line) or fibre (to the cabinet) circuit, bringing increased flexibility.

Other options

While we always work with customers to develop a connectivity solutions that matches your need, our general advice for businesses with more than or fewer than ten sites is as follows…   

Fewer than ten sites: WAN/ VPN expand accordion toggle

We recommend a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN), creating a highly encrypted, secure connection. Flexible, and backed-up by WatchGuard firewalls, it's a robust choice for a managed internet connection.

More than ten sites: PWAN and MPLS expand accordion toggle

We recommend a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) private cloud. Cost-effective and simple, a PWAN creates a private network dedicated just to your business, often configuring an MPLS as a hub and spoke set-up, creating a hub at your data centre.

Why choose SysGroup?

SysGroup is an agnostic solution provider, meaning we can offer you bespoke installation of the latest technology at a competitive price. With a reputation for exceptional service levels, we make sure that all of our customers benefit from competitive pricing, with SLAs tied in for your peace of mind. With an ever-increasing array of solutions, you can rely on us to provide impartial, independent advice, that clarifies the benefits of every solution we propose.

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