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SysGroup is one of the UK's fastest growing managed IT and cloud hosting provider, with an innovative, agnostic approach to technology. We create customised solutions for customers to match your needs, priding ourselves on an intuitive understanding and consultative, client-focused approach.

Our Services

With an innovative range of services covering hosting and managed IT, disaster recovery, IT security, connectivity and consultancy, SysGroup customers benefit from our depth of expertise and exceptional levels of customer service and support. Known for our agile approach and agnostic delivery, we take care of all of your tech needs, so you can focus on what you do best. 

SysGroup Cushions
SysGroup Private Cloud Solutions

Our Solutions

SysGroup has built its reputation on innovation and leading with solutions, rather than products. We apply our expertise in security, unparalleled performance and first-class delivery to our customers’ needs. Taking a workshop approach, we get to know you and your business and understand how you work, specialising in flexible, scalable solutions which support your growth and ambitions.

Our Partners

Our depth of expertise means we work with some of the biggest names in the tech business, from Cisco, Dell and HP to Veeam and VMWare, alongside security partners Fortinet, Kaspersky and WatchGuard. But because we’re vendor agnostic, we make sure we deliver bespoke solutions that suit you business culture and needs. 

SysGroup Office
SysGroup's Global Network

Our Network

Trust SysGroup for unparalleled network performance and security. From IT network security and penetration testing to vulnerability audits, DDoS protection, back-up and disaster recovery and full network oversight, we’ll protect business continuity and minimise network downtime. Whether you’re juggling multi-site networking, remote workers or security and compliance concerns, speak to SysGroup for complete peace of mind.


Do you want to work for the UK's fasted growing managed IT and cloud hosting provider? We pride ourselves on an intuitive understanding and consultative approach to working with clients. We’ve built a reputation for wide-ranging technical expertise, exceptional service and reputation for innovation. If that sounds like the sort of company you want to work for...

SysGroup Compliance Consultancy

Why SysGroup?

SysGroup specialises in bespoke tech solutions, coupling our wide-ranging tech expertise with exceptional service and a reputation for innovation. We use that knowledge to take away your tech problems, creating a personalised approach that suits your business and leaving you to focus on what you do best. Trust SysGroup to make the right recommendations for you, and implement our plans to the highest standards.

Trusted By

We are the UK’s fastest-growing managed IT services and cloud hosting providers.

We deliver solutions that ensure clients understand and benefit from industry-leading technologies and advanced hosting capabilities. Our team focus on customers’ strategic and operational requirements, enabling you to free up resources, grow your core business and avoid the distractions and complexity of delivering IT services.

Our Partners

  • Partner Cisco Logo
  • Partner Crown Commercial Service
  • SysGroup Partners with Dell
  • SysGroup Partners with Epicor
  • SysGroup Partners with Fortinet
  • SysGroup Partners with HP
  • SysGroup Partners with ISO QMS
  • Kaspersky Lab Gold
  • SysGroup Partners with KEMP Technologies
  • SysGroup Partners with Meraki
  • SysGroup Partners with Microsoft Silver Hosting
  • SysGroup Partners with Microsoft
  • SysGroup Partners with Mimecast
  • SysGroup Partners with Mitel
  • SysGroup Partners with NetApp Silver
  • SysGroup Partners with Nimble Storage
  • SysGroup Partners with PCI DSS
  • SysGroup Partners with RIPE NCC
  • SysGroup Partners with Veeam
  • SysGroup Partners with VMware Enterprise Infrastructure
  • SysGroup Partners with VMware Hybrid Cloud
  • SysGroup Partners with VMware
  • SysGroup Partners with WatchGuard
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