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A cost-effective, powerful and flexible choice.

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Powerful, agile IT infrastructure

The demand for flexibility, scalability and efficiency has seen businesses flocking to public cloud infrastructure services. A cost-effective, agile system that can scale on demand, coupled with a guaranteed monthly payment, make it a powerful, flexible choice.

Tap into SysGroup’s advice, options and expertise to guarantee a system that suits your business, alongside smooth migration and comprehensive support. Beforehand, during and after.

We work with the world’s two largest public cloud providers, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure, to create the best fit for our customers. With huge resources and six UK-based data centres, they provide flexible, scalable space on a pay-when-you-use-it basis, making them a great choice for securing your data, including disaster recovery.

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What are the benefits?

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Cloud capacity is provided on an on-demand basis from huge public pools of resources. AWS and Microsoft Azure are the world’s two largest public cloud providers by far, giving you unparalleled capacity. So you only pay for the resources you need, while running applications without any risk of lag or downtime. High performance levels guaranteed.

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Expert management

24/7/365 access to up-to-date professionals for technical guidance and assistance, from initial set-up to long term support. Our highly-trained technicians mean you can reduce internal training costs and future-proof your network, giving you guaranteed peace of mind. We’re always on hand to give you risk-free access to the public cloud’s huge resources.

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Swap IT capital expenditure for fixed monthly costs that are fully scalable. Choose a solution which fits your budget. The scalable nature of the public cloud means you can swap IT capex for a fixed monthly cost, factoring in your budget from the beginning. Pay only for what you need, when you use it…

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Guaranteed 100% up-time and regular, pro-active monitoring. Tap into the unparalleled power of the public cloud. We guarantee 100% up-time. From servers to networks, the huge resources of the public cloud mean that – should any physical part of your set-up fail – its capacity picks up the slack, giving you unparalleled performance.

SysGroup Public Cloud Hosting

Why choose public cloud?

  • Web and application servers where latency isn’t a concern
  • Data where databases are small or relational
  • Batch processing apps
  • Testing and development environments that require scalability
  • Email, particularly in a managed-cloud environment

Why choose us?

There are three main reasons that our customers work with us – our focus on security, our flexible approach, and our confidence with projects of any size and scale.

  • Unparalleled security. Security lies at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we work with some of the biggest names in travel, insurance and retail.
  • Flexibility to create what works for you. We're cloud agnostic, so we won’t push you in a particular direction, because that’s where our allegiances lie. We listen to what you need and how you work, focusing on solving problems to creating a bespoke system that works for your business.
  • Projects of any size and scale. We develop huge, global cloud platforms. And we create small, agile platforms designed to scale and flex. Whatever size solution you’re looking for, we’ve got the experience…

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