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A private cloud environment gives you maximum control and security over your data and information.

Sleep easily with a solution that’s guaranteed to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and gives you the ability to build automation into your service provision. Use our expert help to deploy complex workloads, and always know where your servers are. With no infrastructure constraints, you can re-allocate resources in seconds, creating a powerful and efficient IT infrastructure. Let our team manage migration and perform maintenance functions with zero downtime while you have a cloud-control panel to manage your technology at your fingertips.

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What are the benefits?

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A strong emphasis on building secure solutions is at the heart of everything we do. With an increased risk of cyber attacks and potential loss of data, our customers work with us because of our emphasis on security, including the world’s largest insurance company, and several major travel companies.

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Speed and performance are guaranteed by a private cloud system. With your own, dedicated server, there’s none of the lag-time or loss of performance associated with shared server space, giving you unparalleled performance.

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Private cloud is yours, with a specification and configuration to match EXACTLY what you need from it. Unprecedented control and security…

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The speed and performance you expect, when you need it. Load balancing and reliability as standard.

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Managed infrastructure

Cost-efficient expertise and experience to keep your IT systems up-to-date. Focus on what you do best while we take care of maintenance and management. Cloud solutions also allow you to scale as needed and take advantage of a fixed monthly cost to reduce your capital expenditure.

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Up-time guarantee

Use our market leading VMWare technology to create a private cloud environment, designed with no single point of failure. Using tried and tested we’ll build a solution that performs and perfectly suits your business’ needs, with advanced functionality, guaranteed 100% up-time and the ability to perform maintenance and system management with full business continuity. As an agnostic IT provider, we’ll use the solution that works best for your business. That said, a huge proportion of our customers favour market-leading VMWare, and we know its potential and possibilities inside out. Trust us to create a system that’s reliable and resilient, with the high performance guarantee of automatic load balancing.

Why should I choose Private Cloud?

  • Demanding security requirements and complex data needs, eg. retail, insurance or gambling
  • Speciality hardware or configuration requirements
  • Conforming to governance or compliance regulations
  • General applications that require high performance levels
  • Test and development environments, including application development
  • Mission-critical business applications

SysGroup Private Cloud Solutions
SysGroup Cloud Consultancy

Why should I choose SysGroup?

There are three key reasons to work with us:

  • Unparalleled security: we work with some of the biggest firms in the world, because they trust us. Security is our starting point, and integral to everything we do.
  • Flexibility to create what works for you. As cloud agnostics we’re not tied to a specific model or piece of hardware, so we’re free to concentrate on a solution that works for your business
  • The experience and expertise to deploy projects of ANY size or scale


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