Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Dedicated hardware in a bespoke tech environment.

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Control, security and flexible capacity

Create the best fit for your business needs with a hybrid cloud solution. Seamlessly connect public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hardware in a bespoke tech environment.

Flexible and scalable, hybrid cloud guarantees you the flexibility and scale of cloud, alongside excellent security and control. You get the best of both worlds, combining the control and security of a private cloud with dedicated hardware and servers to guarantee reliability and speed. Create extra capacity when you need it, channelling high performance applications through the cloud, alongside database systems in a private environment.

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What are the benefits?

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Use resources on a cost-effective pay-as-you-go basis to handle unpredictable traffic and high performance applications. Only ever pay for what you use, with the guarantee that extra capacity is always available. Scale fast, when you need it, with complete business continuity.

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Guaranteed consistent monthly spend, with no capital expenditure on infrastructure and installation. Enjoy easy-to-follow monthly payments and reduce staff time and training costs by relying on our expertise.

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Control AND access to the cloud. Fulfils legal and regulatory requirements for the handling of sensitive data, and allows speedy DRaaS. Hybrids give you the cloud’s flexibility and scale alongside dedicated hardware and private cloud capacity, to give you maximum peace of mind…

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Simple, risk-free transition to cloud services, with complete business continuity. Build on your existing infrastructure to ensure seamless transition to a cloud environment, and guarantee secure communications between different parts of your tech architecture. Cloud functionality also gives customers excellent DRaaS options and fast access to data back-ups. Using our experience and delivery expertise, a hybrid cloud system delivers what you want, when you need it. Mixing technology in an agnostic way means we can deliver bespoke infrastructure that responds to your needs.

Why choose hybrid cloud?

  • Untested workloads and ‘fail fast’ applications
  • Seasonal traffic spiking and cloud bursting requirements
  • DR environments with business critical data in private cloud and recovery scenario in public cloud
  • Compliance and regulatory scenarios where sensitive information is held on a private cloud, and general web servers on the public cloud

SysGroup Hybrid Cloud Hosting
SysGroup Cloud Consultancy

Why choose SysGroup?

There are three key reasons that our clients work with us:

  • Unparalleled security
  • Flexibility to create what’s right for you
  • Projects of any size and scale

We work with some of the biggest retail, travel and insurance names out there, because they know that security lies at the heart of everything we do. Security is our starting point, and locked in to every stage of the SysGroup process.

We’re cloud agnostic, too. So you can be sure that the advice we give you is independent and informed. We’re not tied to a system or specific hardware – we work alongside you to find out about your business, meet your needs and solve your problems. We bring expertise, not expectations.

And we work across some enormous global cloud platforms. So size and scale aren’t ever a problem for us. But we’re always happy to start small, too, and our cloud platform management is designed to scale and flex.