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Take advantage of what our Cloud Hosting service can provide - delivered and supported with a human touch.

Seize the power

The benefits of cloud hosting for scale and flexibility has seen the platform boom in the last few years, and 2017 has seen Amazon, Google and Microsoft all open UK data centres to fulfil the regulatory requirements of users.

Power to grow

Over half of UK-based businesses expect to use the cloud by the end of 2017 – IDC predicts that the private crowd market will grow at over 10% until 2020, and 19% for public cloud services. Access its scalability and reliability with guaranteed fixed costs.

Agnostic advice that fits your business

We’re here to provide a transparent, facts-based approach. You’ll get a tailored service, bespoke solution and seamless transition. As cloud platform agnostics, we use a variety of our own hardware alongside Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare, Veeam and Microsoft, to make sure you get the service and platform that’s right for you.

Unparalleled security

Building secure solutions lies at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why we work with some of the world’s biggest insurance, travel and retail brands. And, with the power of the cloud, if something does happen, you have a guaranteed way of keeping your business online.

Moving to the cloud isn’t always right for every business, application or IT team. We pride ourselves on a straightforward, straight talking approach, so we’ll always give you an honest appraisal of what we think is the right path for you.

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Our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help with any questions you have regarding our products or services.

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With a range of options including Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud, we ensure:

  • A security-first approach that underpins everything we do
  • Extensive capability: six industry-leading data centres with state-of-the-art hardware and guaranteed UK hosting
  • The expertise required to plan, design and migrate
  • On hand, experienced support whenever you need
  • Automatic failover and Disaster Recovery (DR).

SysGroup IT Hardware


Which cloud solution is best for you?


Why choose SysGroup?

We take your needs as our starting point. Sound strange? Well, we’re not aligned to any specific hardware or approach, which means our starting point is flexible. We’re solution-driven, listening to your needs, analysing the way you work, and creating a tailored, secure, scalable platform for your business. We use our TechWorkshop as the basis for that analysis. But every project we work on is created around these pillars:

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Security always comes first. With an increasing environment of cyber attacks and data loss, we have an extremely strong emphasis on building secure solutions. And our customers trust us to protect their sensitive data – they know that we provide what their information security officers need.

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Extensive capability

We have six industry-leading data centres with state-of-the-art hardware and guaranteed UK hosting. Why’s that important? Because it means that if one is affected by a power outage, then there’s another one, in a different location, and on a separate grid, to provide a back-up.

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Different businesses need different solutions. We’ll take a holistic look at yours, and listen to what you want and need. We have the skills in-house to plan, design and migrate your tech platform, so all you’ll notice is the seamless transition.

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On hand, experienced support whenever you need. We’re highly skilled, and always accessible. Save time and money on staff training and future-proofing your system when you let us take on management and maintenance for you.

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Disaster Recovery (DR)

We always replicate your data from our primary to secondary site, so we can always provide a Disaster Recovery (DR) service. So, if disaster does strike, you’ll be back online without disruption to your business. We’re not here to sell products – it's about solving your problems. Speak to one of our team today.

Grace Eyre has undergone a period of sustained growth and increase in headcount. Most are not based in fixed office locations, making a hosted solution attractive for these home and remote users. The monthly operational cost model of the new hosted service is far more appealing.

Jennifer Griffiths Director of Support Services, The Grace Eyre Foundation

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