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T.J. Morris

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In order to sustain their company growth and ensure compliance with GDPR legislation, the T.J. Morris IT department were searching for a managed services partner who also specialised in IT security services. They were preparing for a data migration and cloud hosting project to update their overall IT infrastructure.

Some of their key requirements included:

  • Addressing fileserver security and creating a standard permission structure for all departments
  • Increased visibility, security and simpler management for all user sessions
  • Improving app update speeds, without the need to take their systems offline to complete updates
  • Enhancing their overall IT security strategy for user accounts, including monitoring file modifications and access


The T.J. Morris IT team met with technicians from SysGroup and decided to enlist their help after a competitive bidding process. SysGroup were able to build a timeline and thorough strategy to meet T.J. Morris’ unique requirements, as well as assemble a team to research and recommend the ideal configuration.

After building the new Citrix environment and migrating their users across SysGroup also worked very closely with T.J. Morris’ IT department to completely re-structure their fileserver data using a standardised permission structure for all departments.

The cloud hosting solution created for T.J. Morris included:

  • Virtual production environment & DR environment, including all licensing, AV requirements
  • Virtual Machine build with OS installation & patching
  • Site to site VPN setup
  • Citrix environment build
  • Data migration
  • Email mailbox creation & migration to new Exchange server
  • Installation of required applications to Citrix environment
  • Printer installation & mapping on Citrix
  • Configuration of Active Directory & Group Policy in line with T.J. Morris’ requirements.


SysGroup were able to deliver a timely configuration and migration process and ongoing collaboration with the T.J. Morris IT department to improve their daily tasks and find the best solutions for any new requirements they identify.

As a result of the data migration to their new hosted environment, T.J. Morris experienced:

  • Superior monitoring across their entire IT environment
  • Streamlined process for updates to their 4CSQL app without downtime
  • Enhanced auditing and visibility for filesharing and user access, which helps them to achieve GDPR standards 


We selected SysGroup as our new managed services partner due to its strength, understanding and ability to implement security measures that conform to the requirements of GDPR, as well as its extensive flexible approach to IT solutions.


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