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July 2020 | Channel Futures MSP 501

MSP 501 Rankings 2020

Channel Future's elite list of the world's top managed service providers has been released. The MSP 501 rankings showcase the world’s premier managed service providers, who are ranked on a unique methodology that weights revenue figures according to long-term health and viability, commitment to recurring revenue, and operational efficiency.

SysGroup News Press Article Compare the Cloud

July 2019 | Compare The Cloud

The Irreplaceable Security Practice

Using physical and behavioural characteristics in security to authenticate identity dates back to the first signature used on a bank cheque, and since then, progress has been significant. New technologies like biometrics are increasingly used across industries, with facial recognition and fingerprint sensors becoming the new trusted gatekeepers of our age. Simon Strutt, Head of Consulting and PreSales...

April 2019 | Cloud Tech

Opinion: Clearing up multi-cloud confusion

There’s no denying the enormous effect that cloud has had on how we purchase and consume technology. In business it has been a game-changer, delivering levels of flexibility and agility previously denied by on-premise IT.

March 2019 | Comms Business

A Multi-Cloud Future

Hybrid cloud strategies are high on the IT agenda at the moment, with many businesses reaping the benefits of the cost-effective, scalable and flexible advantages they offer. But what should be considered, and how do you know if hybrid cloud is right for your business? Here, Adam Binks, CEO of SysGroup, explains the factors and challenges to address during the journey to a hybrid cloud.

SysGroup Insider Media news press article

March 2019 | North West Business Insider

SysGroup’s Adam Binks tells Insider why he believes a £100m market cap is possible

In this issue, SysGroup’s Adam Binks undeterred belief despite uncertain times, our OMB 100 list profiles a selection of the top owner-managed businesses in the region, and our City Vision breakfast review asks what does the future hold for Manchester's professional and financial services?

March 2019 | Computer Weekly

SysGroup boss charting a course to become an MSP powerhouse

In the eleven months he has been at the helm Adam Binks has set out a course that should see the business expand significantly. It has been just shy of a year since Adam Binks became chief executive at SysGroup and in that time the firm has managed to bolster its position as a leading managed service provider...

March 2019 | Computer Weekly

Growing opportunities for women to make a difference

Gender diversity in the channel has grown in importance over the past few years with the traditionally male industry coming under pressure to open up to more talent. Adam Binks, CEO of managed service player SysGroup, has a management team that is 50% female. That has been a result of the best people filling those positions...

February 2019 | IT Europa

Secrets of an expanding MSP - from CEO of fast-growing SysGroup

SysGroup PLC is one of the UK’s fastest growing managed IT services and cloud hosting providers. Headquartered in Liverpool, and with offices in London, Coventry, London and Telford, its CEO Adam Binks has ambitious plans for this UK- founded and listed business. It has justbought Certus IT for £8m in cash - the group’s seventh acquisition in the last five years...

SysGroup Global Banking Finance cloud article

January 2019 | Global Banking and Finance

Why the fintech cloud is lined with silver

Historically, financial institutions and the cloud had a very simple relationship, which was the absence of one altogether. At its conception, the connected, third-party concept of the cloud appeared to be at odds with the principles of financial security and, therefore, the two were viewed as incompatible...

December 2018 | Business Cloud

How your business can get ahead in the cloud

It’s the technology which enables businesses to grow at scale in a way that was unheard of in the past – but what exactly is it and how does it work? Nimbleness, affordability and staying ahead of the pack are all characteristics that any business aspires to in the modern world...

December 2018 | Education Technology

Putting cyber safety first in education

Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly working online. Tablets and laptops are replacing textbooks, student data is being stored in the cloud, and teachers are turning to digital tools to educate and engage their pupils. Even for the most seasoned IT professional, this poses a challenge...

October 2018 | New Statesman

Retail security means retail sales

It used to be the case that, when organisations were hacked or their data was stolen by some other means, we could direct the blame at the perpetrators. In the brave new digital world, these rogues and ne'er-do-wells weren’t playing fair and were ruining it for everyone else..

SysGroup Insider Media news press article

August 2018 | Insider Media

Mergers and acquisitions

When getting started on a merger or acquisition, there are a few key steps that leaders managing the process should consider. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, take a strategic approach from the outset. Consider the synergies target companies have with your business...

August 2018 | SC Magazine

Creating a robust cyber-security strategy

According to new research, seven out of ten organisations reported an increase in security risks in 2017. So, with cyber-crime more prevalent than ever, it’s worrying that just 37 percent of businesses currently have formal cyber-security strategies and policies in place...

SysGroup Growth Business Press Article News

July 2018 | Growth Business

Top six things to consider when acquiring a company

The value of mergers and acquisitions in the UK is the highest since 2007, with car, healthcare and telecommunications companies seeing the highest value deals, according to an EY report. Here, Adam Binks, CEO of SysGroup explains the top six things to be aware of when acquiring a company...

SysGroup Prolific North news article

July 2018 | Prolific North

My Take On: How to rebrand a tech company

Whether it’s shedding an outdated image, taking your company into the next phase of growth, or as in managed IT services and cloud hosting provider SysGroup’s case, a combination of both - re-branding is never easy. This is especially true for a B2B company that needs to portray a technical message in an easily digestible and user-friendly way...

SysGroup News Press Article Compare the Cloud

June 2018 | Compare The Cloud

Jumpstarting your journey to the cloud

In the decade since cloud computing first emerged, its influence has spread far beyond early take-up from big organisations, to mid-tier and small businesses. Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) revealed that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK now stands at 88 per cent...

SysGroups News Press IT Pro Portal

June 2018 | IT Pro Portal

Addressing the threat from within

When it comes to cyber security, employees are often too laid back. It could be that they are unaware of the consequences of a risk data breach, or perhaps they just don’t think they are responsible for it. So what can businesses be doing to encourage employees to be cyber-safe at work? 

SysGroup Retail The Business Desk News Press Article

April 2018 | The Business Desk

IT expert SysGroup targeting retail for further growth

SysGroup, the managed IT services and cloud hosting specialist, is trading in line with expectations and planning further growth. In a trading update the national operator revealed that revenue has grown by 46% and Ebitda by 63% in the year to March 31, compared with the same period last year...

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