Viva Las Vegas – AWS re:Invent 2023 Recap

SysGroup attended AWS re:Invent as a first-time AWS Partner, with Chief A.I Officer Ross Humphrey and Senior A.I Engineer Jack Woodcraft making an 11-hour trip from London. The key focus was on new announcements, customer interactions, and forging partnerships to leverage AWS technology for customer value.

Viva, Las Vegas

This year SysGroup made their first trip to AWS re:Invent as an AWS Partner. Ross Humphrey (Chief A.I Officer) and Jack Woodcraft (Senior A.I Engineer) travelled nearly 11 hours from London to take in all of the new announcements, meet with customers and forge partnerships with other companies to deliver value to our customers using AWS technology.

The most exciting announcements

Prior to flying to Las Vegas – Ross Humphrey (Chief A.I Officer) made 3 predictions on what would come from the event.

– Further Simplification of A.I Tools
– Advancements in custom silicon to reduce costs of A.I workloads
– Tools and services to enable data driven decision making

As predicted AWS made a number of announcements satisfying these predictions.

A.I became even simpler to use whilst enhancing data driven decision making with the introduction of Amazon Q a new generative AI based assistant. Amazon Q takes the data and knowledge within a a companies data repository, systems and code repositories to answer questions, solve business problems, generate new content (from existing content) and build new AI driven business processes. Amazon Q acts as a co pilot within a business to speed up tasks being carried out by users, increase employees ability to problem solve and inspire creative work within businesses that was previously not possible.

A.I tool simplification wasn’t reserved just for Amazon Q – generative AI also helped simplify query writing in Redshift as well as further discussions around generative AI functionality integration into AWS QuickSight.

Custom silicon made an appearance in a big way with AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips being used to train and deploy future foundation models for Anthropic. Trainium 2 was also announced – offering 4x the performance of previous generations. With the introduction of new chips comes higher performance and lower cost – which is a win for all AWS customers using ML. In doing so – AWS furthers its commitment to democratising AI/ML and given businesses of all sizes the access to the technology.

Until next year

The SysGroup team would like to thank all of the amazing people at AWS who make re:Invent happen every year.

If you are curious about how generative AI or machine learning could benefit your business get in touch, we would love to discuss your ideas and help you integrate these new technologies into your business.