Star Legal - Case Study

Star Legal – Through our head office based in Bristol and our other offices based in the South West and Wales, we have lawyers who are able to work flexibly to provide the best service for our diverse client base.
Our clients include those local to the South West and Wales, UK national clients and international clients.

Challenge – Star Legal Required Scalable and Efficient Storage Solutions

Star Legal managed a significant amount of data on a Windows file server hosted by SysGroup. They faced challenges with storage limitations, frequently needing to expand the disks to accommodate growing data volumes. This process was not only time-consuming but raised concerns about potential disruptions.

Star Legal, a company dealing with growing data storage requirements, found their existing Windows file server insufficient due to frequent disk expansion needs. They required a solution that would not only accommodate their growing data but also provide ease of management and scalability.

SysGroup proposed a migration of their file store to AWS, implementing the AWS File Storage Gateway. This migration allowed Star Legal to leverage AWS’s scalable storage on S3 while maintaining compatibility with their existing application, ensuring that their storage could grow with their needs without the hassle of manual expansions.

Solution – Comprehensive Migration Support Delivered by SysGroup

• Migration Planning and Testing
• Execution of File Store Migration to AWS
• Implementation of AWS File Storage Gateway

SysGroup utilized its expertise in AWS to provide Star Legal with the professional services to complete the migration. These services included:

• Migration Planning and Testing: SysGroup worked closely with Star Legal to understand their storage requirements and designed a detailed migration plan. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to Star Legal’s operations.

• Execution of Migration: The actual migration process wasmanaged by SysGroup, ensuring that all data was securely and efficiently transferred to AWS. This included setting up the AWS File Storage Gateway to facilitate seamless integration with Star Legal’s existing systems.

• 24/7 Monitoring and Management: Post-migration, SysGroup provided continuous monitoring of Star Legal’s AWS infrastructure. This ensures that any potential issues are identified and addressed proactively, maintaining high availability and performance of their storage systems.

Results – Ensuring Availability and Reducing Operational Burden

• Removed need for manual disk expansions
• Enhanced data management efficiency
• Improved scalability and reliability of the storage infrastructure

By partnering with SysGroup and utilizing AWS, Star Legal has achieved significant operational improvements.

Enhanced Storage Capabilities: AWS File Storage Gateway provides Star Legal with limitless storage capacity

Increased Data Availability: The migration to AWS ensures that Star Legal’s data is highly available and resilient, reducing the risk of downtime and improving overall data accessibility for their operations.

Security and Compliance: SysGroup’s proactive monitoring and remediation services ensure that Star Legal’s data is secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against potential data breaches.