Secure Hosting and Seamless Transactions for Retail


Retailers and e-commerce websites trust SysGroup for cloud hosting and managed IT. Why?

We provide secure hosting in our 6 UK data centres with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and failsafe disaster recovery plans. Our team includes experts on PCI-DSS and GDPR, so you can expand into ecommerce or grow your retail business through cloud technologies with a trusted partner to guide the way and provide real-time support. 

Cloud Hosting can provide stability for your network during a new product launch as well as scalability that perfectly complements the needs of the retail sector. Even though securing your business network can be challenging, it is essential to maintaining your reputation and providing excellent service for your customers. 

Download our ebook “Securing Your Reputation: A Retailer’s Guide” to explore some of the biggest challenges for retail, including payment card scams and POS intrusions, and how cloud hosting can help! 

SysGroup Solutions for Retailers

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Managed Infrastructure

Eliminate the headaches of maintenance with server management, data backup network upkeep and storage, all supported 24/7 by our service desk team.

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IT Consultancy

To grow your business or expand into ecommerce, you need a plan. Our team can help you map your journey to the cloud.

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PCI-DSS Hosting

Protect your ecommerce infrastructure and achieve compliance so your customers can shop confidently.

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IT Security

Industry-leading security solutions to protect your customers and your reputation during every transaction.

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Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity

Customers love free in-store Wi-Fi, but make sure that they’re surfing safely, with Watchguard firewalls in place.

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Customised Clouds

Whether you choose public, private or hybrid, our cloud environments can grow with your business and fit in any budget.

“SysGroup’s approach to our virtualisation requirement was exemplary – their technical knowledge and professional advice was key to the successful project delivery.”

Adam Lewis, Group IT Manager, Filofax

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