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Build an improved cyber plan for your company

60% of UK manufacturers have been the victim of cyber crime, and a third of those have suffered some financial loss or disruption to business as a result.

Manufacturing in the modern age requires an efficient and responsive IT infrastructure. Whether you are producing parts or involved in product distribution, you are part of a global network with strict expectations for uptime and availability. Your customers and suppliers rely on you for timely access to your operations data, inventory and more. How is all this possible? 

Cloud computing and managed IT services are an important part of the puzzle. Developments in smart buildings, sensor technology and AI-enabled manufacturing are happening at a breakneck pace, and legacy, on-site IT networks are simply unable to keep up. 

But it’s not always easy to decide which type of cloud platform or managed services are the best fit for your business. Our expert team can assess your current infrastructure through a TechWorkshop and help you create a strategy to improve your business outcomes.

Cloud computing can streamline your operations through automation and optimisation, so sales tracking and inventory portals become much simpler. A stable infrastructure will reduce your time-to-market and enhance global collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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Benefits for Risk, Costs and Compliance

  • Protect your valuable intellectual property and data with a robust and secure IT environment. 
  • Optimise your IT investments and sourcing mix with the strategic insight of a managed services partner. 
  • Access enterprise grade technologies without the CAPEX investment and on-going costs of ownership. 
  • Employ a robust DRaaS strategy with fast data recovery from secure, secondary sites, so costly downtime can be eliminated.

Welding in Manufacturing Sector and why Cloud Computing Helps Manufacturing
Silver Industrial Machinery in Manufacturing Sector

Benefits for Resources, Security and Efficiency

  • Enjoy expert support to partition your network into segments (IoT, Guest Wi-Fi, Corporate, etc.) to isolate IoT devices from mainstream equipment, limiting the disruptive spread of an attack, should one occur.
  • Keep your inventory systems up-to-date for customers and track production in real-time with a seamless and highly-available connection to a stable cloud infrastructure. 
  • Our infrastructure architects can help you to determine which data sets can be easily migrated to the cloud or which ones should remain locally or be processed at the edge of your network, with a focus on implementing the appropriate security configurations for your data.

SysGroup Solutions for Manufacturing

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Managed IT Support

Our team becomes like an extension of your own, so you never need to wait ages to speak with a real person.

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IT Consultancy

We specialise in complex and seamless migration projects, planned through a bespoke TechWorkshop with your business outcomes in mind.

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Business Continuity

Eliminate costly downtime and service interruptions to protect your reputation and build customer loyalty.

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Managed Cloud

Our team can take the guesswork out of choosing the right cloud platform for your business, using our secure data centres alongside AWS, Veeam, Microsoft and more.

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Ensure that your network is available in every corner of every warehouse with secure and speedy internet that’s all your own.

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Load Balancing

Manage seasonal traffic spikes or production runs effectively with KEMP load balancing.

The Wi-Fi project SysGroup provided has given us a stable and secure platform for us to extend our software infrastructure. The execution of the project has impressed us and we look forward to continuing our partnership with SysGroup.

Tim Hedges IT Manager, Hill and Smith Ltd.

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