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Customer satisfaction and loyalty are crucial in the hospitality, tourism and leisure industry. From ultra-fast wi-fi to desktop virtualisation and 24/7/365 support, a reliable IT infrastructure complements your good reputation. 

The massive data breach of the Marriott - Starwood hotel group in 2018 is a sobering example of how legacy IT systems are often incredibly vulnerable to cyber-criminals, especially if they are considered low-priority to assess and update.

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Benefits for Risk, Costs and Compliance

  • Cloud computing solutions are ideal for companies who need to connect multiple sites and ensure a consistent and excellent customer experience in any of their venues.
  • Lower your IT operating costs & skip the purchase and maintenance of expensive servers that reach capacity after a few years. We can determine the exact components your project will require, built on a platform where you can scale in or out to meet your needs over time. 
  • Protect sensitive and valuable customer data and payment information through our full suite of IT security services, including PCI-DSS accredited hosting, firewalls, email security and more. 

Benefits for Resources, Security and Efficiency

  • Reduce complex in-house hardware and let our expert service desk team solve any problems as they arise, so you can focus on what you do best. 
  • Save time spent on training and trim IT budgets through remote hosting and data storage.
  • Provide robust and secure Wi-Fi to boost your reputation and provide a seamless guest experience, as it is something they will remember and value. 
  • Management and office staff can easily access the cloud-based systems or information from anywhere, allowing them to securely work from home or off-premises, formerly impossible for hotels or leisure businesses with an on-premises booking or management system.

SysGroup Solutions for Leisure

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Managed Infrastructure

Eliminate costly hardware investments and let our expert team take care of on-going maintenance and optimisation.

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IT Consultancy

We specialise in complex migration projects and modernising legacy IT infrastructures. You’ll always receive our unbiased opinions and the latest technology.

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Desktop Virtualisation

Provide a consistent user experience for your team members across all of your venues. Remote software updates are simple and comprehensive.

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Not sure where to begin? Our bespoke TechWorkshop starts with an assessment of your current network and creates a roadmap to achieve your business goals.

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Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity

Customers rely on fast Wi-Fi at hotels and resorts, but make sure they’re browsing safely with industry-leading WatchGuard firewalls.

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Security Awareness Training

Your team members are your most valuable cyber security assets. Give them to tools to spot telephone and email scams, so your sensitive data and valuable reputation are protected.

"SysGroup has introduced a number of measures to improve our IT support service, including exceptional customer support and regular meetings to assess our needs. They provide the service and stability we need to operate 24/7 in the hospitality sector."

Puji Yadam, Director at Sloane Square Hotel

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