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Modernised IT environments for law firms

Accessibility and compliance are non-negotiable in the legal sector. With the right cloud hosting and managed services provider, law firms can deliver exceptional data security to their clients and provide flexible access for their team wherever there’s an internet connection. Because of the sensitive data they store, the legal sector is a major target for cyber crime and fraud.

Cloud hosting helps law firms manage growing volumes of data with ease and gives peace of mind through regular backups and automated updates. As the legal sector embraces a remote working model, SysGroup solutions can provide remote access to case files and help legal teams maximise their productivity in or out of the office.  


SysGroup Solutions for Law Firms

“We love the day-to-day management of the KEMP LoadMaster units. They’re really simple to use with the reporting screen and we are in the process of integrating these into our overall monitoring solution.”

Charlie Muir, IT Transition Manager, Hill Dickinson LLP

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