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Connecting Cyber-Secure Classrooms

The pressure is high to prepare students for life in the digital world. 

However, network connectivity, data privacy and safeguarding students remain key challenges for schools, colleges and universities as they integrate technology into the classroom. 

SysGroup is a trusted partner for the education sector with experience designing and implementing secure IT networks to support and aid your administrators and teachers. 

We create the bespoke plan, so you can continue your work of teaching students to think critically and live creatively.

Benefits for Schools, Colleges and Sixth Forms

  • Achieve KCSIE compliance, internet filters and monitoring to block harmful and inappropriate content.
  • Vet and secure all of the devices connected to your network, like laptops and tablets through endpoint security
  • Managed IT support to solve all your IT headaches, delivered by our 24/7/365 UK-based help-desk. 
  • A flexible cloud-hosted environment keeps your data both secure and highly-available. 
  • Resources to help teachers and students navigate online safety including how to create strong passwords, how to spot a suspicious email and more. 

Benefits for Universities

  • Combine your user base of students and faculty spread over a large campus with secure wired and wireless connectivity solutions. 
  • Vet and secure all of the devices connected to your network, including laptops and tablets through endpoint security
  • Achieve excellent cyber-security through multi-factor authentication and improved email security features across your user base. 
  • Experience the support from SysGroup technicians to design your IT infrastructure, segregate valuable data and apply a higher level of protection without impacting the accessibility of the rest of the wider network.

University Students in Lecture Growth of Distance Learning

“The whole University community—675 staff and circa 9,000 undergraduates—has benefitted from the KEMP solution. The devices are very simple to use, which meant the technical team didn’t need to do lots of extra training. They’re very easy to update and change when needed. Overall, they have provided great value for money.”

Jenny Horwood, Core Systems Team Leader, Bucks New University

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