Modernise Your IT Strategy to Enhance Your Education Services


Connecting Classrooms to the Cloud

Network connectivity and safeguarding students are two top priorities for schools and universities, but the pressure is high to prepare students for a digital world while building their awareness and shield them from cyber threats.  

Cloud technologies that virtualise and connect are an ideal match for the education sector, and SysGroup has successfully designed and implemented solutions for many schools and universities in the UK. Managed IT services can also reduce complexity for your administrators and teachers, by helping you to integrate new technologies seamlessly while our team does the troubleshooting.We create the bespoke plan, so you can continue your work of teaching students to think critically and live creatively.

Interested in learning more? Download our whitepaper “Making the Grade” to learn more about how our partnership with WatchGuard has helped schools and universities to secure their network and improve the student experience. 


“The whole University community—675 staff and circa 9,000 undergraduates—has benefitted from the KEMP solution. The devices are very simple to use, which meant the technical team didn’t need to do lots of extra training. They’re very easy to update and change when needed. Overall, they have provided great value for money.”

Jenny Horwood, Core Systems Team Leader, Bucks New University

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