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Build a stable IT infrastructure to harness emerging technologies

Entirely new business models are emerging to 'disrupt' the status quo. Are you prepared?

Research has indicated that companies who embrace new technologies and integrate them into their strategic plans have greater success than those who fail to do so. 

However, this is no small task. Cloud computing, intelligent software, big data and mobile computing are affecting all industries. On top of those, you may be expected to harness 3-D printing, autonomous vehicles, fuel cells or robotic prosthetics in order to help your business to stay competitive in your specific industry. 

As the CTO, you must be monitoring changes in your industry for new technologies to determine if they are relevant to your organisation, plus be able to integrate them into your overall IT strategy effectively.  

If that weren't enough, cyber-security threats are increasing every year. Smaller enterprises will be searching for CTO candidates who have a firm grasp on cyber-security and can weave best practices into the organisation’s overall technology strategy.  

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help. 

Here are 4 crucial reasons to choose Managed IT for your organisation:

Free up your resources to focus internally.

When you invite a managed IT partner to become a trusted part of your team, they take on the ongoing hosting and monitoring for your IT infrastructure.   

Whether you require managed IT support, remote network monitoring or resilient disaster recovery, an MSP will allow you to focus more on new technologies externally, and how to creatively integrate them.

Gain a trusted managed services partner to help your organisation embrace new technologies.
Focus on your larger goals through Managed IT Services

Cloud environments are ideally-suited for development and testing.

Cloud and managed hosting go hand-in-hand with development. We understand that budgets are tight, and it’s not always feasible to build a fast, powerful production environment to test and develop new apps or services. Slower, older production environments won’t be able to indicate live performance, which hinders your development and efficiency.  

Cloud services allow you to:

  • access a development environment that’s identical to your live environment, which can be billed per-minute on-demand.
  • access rapid deployment and templating tools to permit whole stacks or architectures to be created with a single click.
  • access the latest and cutting-edge technologies like server-less or event-driven computing to use strategically without full investment.
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MSPs help you stay on the cutting edge of cyber-security.

Because cyber-security threats are evolving so quickly, MSPs are on the frontlines of new firewalls, anti-virus technology and email security.  

An outside perspective can help you to identify weak spots in your infrastructure where you could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, malware or phishing. MSPs offer valuable resources like pen testing, security awareness training and streamlined multi-factor authentication.

Managed Security to Help CTOs
Gain outside expertise for your IT strategy with managed services

MSPs offer you outside expertise

As a CTO you know that you can't be an expert in everything. That's why managed IT is so valuable! 

Instead of spending more resources to train your internal team, managed services give you access to experts in PCI-DSS, cyber security and cloud hosting. This depth of experience helps you to make strategic decisions with confidence. The more niche your industry is, the less likely you are to be on the cutting edge of new cloud computing technologies. Managed IT takes the everyday burden of system maintenance and frees you to become an expert in your field.

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