Make every penny work for you through Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT services might seem counter-intuitive...

However, many of our customers are experiencing cost-savings and long-term positive impact for their businesses. In fact, 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers say cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business, according to Forbes. Cloud computing is also renowned for its flexibility, which drives 37% of companies to the cloud as it provides the precise amount of storage or number of servers you need, without paying extra for what you don't. 

Our consultative approach gives you a compelling business case to present to key stakeholders, including clear costs outlined. 

Drive customer satisfaction and free up your team to focus on core business operations and goals, without the headaches of on-going maintenance and updates. Access industry-leading cyber-security services without breaking the bank.  

Here are 4 key reasons why Managed IT Services should be a priority for every CFO: 

Simplified Infrastructure

Old hardware and inherited legacy IT systems can be a drain on the IT section of your budget. They require frequent repairs, updates, troubleshooting. At the end of the day, they're a huge cause of stress and frustration for your team members. 

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud is an excellent way to modernise and simplify your IT systems. You can reduce long-term investment into hardware and let our team take the strain of monitoring, maintenance and system updates. 

Server in IT network with hyper-converged infrastructure
Forget about downtime frustration with Managed IT support, frustrated tech employees bites pencil

Reduce Downtime

Downtime can be deadly for your business. In fact, the average cost of network downtime is around £4,800 per minute. That’s a potential of £205,000 in losses for every day of unplanned downtime, according to Gartner.

In those situations, avoiding the expenditure on secure cloud hosting and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan could actually lead to thousands more in unplanned emergency costs. 

Does your organisation have a plan to recover lost data and prevent network downtime? If not, your investment could save the day when disaster strikes.

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Predictable Monthly IT Costs

Despite initial investment, cloud hosting and managed services contracts offer you more flexibility within your overall budget. Why? Because the costs are clear up front and consistent month-to-month. There are no hidden fees, and 24/7/365 support is standard for SysGroup contracts! 

Improve your IT strategy and teamwork through managed IT services
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Gain Expert Outside Advice

Your team is probably fit together with experts in areas like education, marketing, sales, customer service, administration and strategic planning. But what about experts in cloud technologies, cyber security and disaster recovery? 

With a managed IT services or cloud hosting partner, you gain access to the invaluable expertise of our team. Our technicians are constantly studying and deploying the latest technologies in solutions for customers, and they monitor trends to help you make informed choices. 

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