Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

As we emerge from the lockdown with light at the end of the tunnel, how will your digital transformation agenda change?

Digital Transformation is a critical business priority for many organisations. Investment into digital transformation will ensure that you can adapt and thrive through future challenges, no matter how disruptive they may be.

It has never been more important for businesses to ensure their IT is up to standard; secure, reliable and flexible enough to cope with whatever the future holds. In order to stay ahead of huge shifts in technology, businesses are exploring how digital transformation could improve every aspect of their operations and customer experience.

It's not a simple or one-size-fits-all process - SysGroup can work with your organisation to provide the IT that delivers your digital transformation priorities and allows your business to stay competitive and secure in a new and shifting IT landscape.

Lessons from Lockdown

  • Lesson 1 Virtualise the Core - The key to a flexible, reliable infrastructure is a scalable core, ensuring cost optimisation, performance and reliability. A virtualised core reduces risk and dependency on physical access at specific location and facility and greatly speeds up innovation and access to new technologies. 
  • Lesson 2 Mobilise the Workforce - Your workplace is now the home, a café, a train or customer premises as lockdown relaxes; End-users want their application functionality and data brought together at the point of use securely and responsively in a seamless usable experience.
  • Lesson 3 Connect to Collaborate - Connecting to collaborate is about combining your organisation’s culture, process with compelling technology change and adoption. Users need access to their data and tools to collaborate, communicate and share, and reliable connection with bandwidth to collaborate effectively with rich content.
  • Lesson 4 Secure the Workspace - Users expect secure access wherever they are – on an organisation’s network or on a shared network in a café or train. Today’s challenging threat environment means security and privacy have become differentiating characteristics of good business and must be demonstrable in order to comply with external regulatory standards.

Strategy Workstreams

How to get there

Approaches to Digital Transformation vary by organisation. Structurally, some set up new businesses or separate business units to remove legacy blockers; some ‘bite the bullet’ and re-structure a long-established function, and some use a major change – new market, product or strategy as the catalyst for a profound digitally-driven organisational change.

Regardless of the approach, key to the success of your digital transformation project are four key stages of you roadmap: 

  • Organisational strategy and mission
  • People & Culture
  • Processes & Data
  • The Digital IT platform; which underpins the other elements and is delivered by a managed service provider to help propel your journey 

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