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Victoria Education Centre

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Functioning with an ageing physical server estate, the IT team at Victoria Education Centre were looking to virtualise their systems. With a core aim to provide the best possible technology for their staff and students, VEC sought help from SysGroup, as a VMware Enterprise Partner with Academic Specialisation.

After the initial VMware vSphere installation, the VEC team began to investigate the School’s future backup strategy. The per-server cost of other cloud-hosted backup plans was much too high. Additionally, backups in their old system were taking over a day to complete.


  • The IT team at VEC support 420 users and manage 2x VMware ESX hosts
  • They operate 17 VMs that run their core Microsoft and Linux applications
  • Veeam Backup and Replication for the speed & simplicity pf its backups


We are really pleased with the simple backup/restore process and configuration, along with the granular restores of files for applications such as Exchange mailboxes, Active Directory (AD) and SQL. As a charitable education body, Veeam has also provided a major cost saving. To anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective VMware backup solution, the Veeam technology is a great product.


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