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The IT team at Solarcentury were interested in VMware vSphere server virtualisation and shared storage installation. Although the internal IT team has a relatively high level of technical ability, they were hoping to find a partner with more specialist IT consultancy services as they moved to expand and update their infrastructure.


SysGroup partnered with Solarcentury to introduce a highly available DR site at a secondary location, and a Microsoft © Exchange update and migration. SysGroup also helped the IT team to relocate Solarcentury headquarters to Great Sutton Street in London, coinciding with a new brand launch and opening an online service.

Solar Panel Rows


All these projects have strengthened the collaborative relationship between Solarcentury and SysGroup and helped the Solarcentury team to provide the best possible technical services to their staff and customers.


During all the IT projects we’ve worked on, I’ve been continually impressed by the team’s attention to detail and consistent adherence to best practice. In summary, the relationship with SysGroup has worked really well. They are a trusted IT partner and have helped me to provide Solarcentury with a resilient, highly available IT infrastructure that meets the demands of our business and users.


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