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NHG needed to radically overhaul their old IT systems as they were running at full capacity – and still underperforming. They worried that they would be unable to keep up with increased business demands, as they were frequently stopping to manually fix IT problems, and always spending on costly backup procedures. Additionally, they needed to meet strict budget constraints and implement their new solution before tight project delivery deadlines.


The key to devising the best possible solution for NHG was to arrange a bespoke Storage TechWorkshop to strategically plan the future data retention needs of NHG.

The TechWorkshop is the fundamental element of an initial client engagement and underpins our delivery framework process. All Storage TechWorkshops are preceded by a detailed questionnaire, which is completed by the client prior to a site visit. This document is then analysed by SysGroup’s project team, who plan the workshop around the client response and unique infrastructure.

The TechWorkshop moves through a 4-Step process to help devise the best possible solution for our client. Starting with planning and preparation, we then use a current state assessment and define requirements to deliver solution scenarios and recommendations.

Tech Motherboard


The TechWorkshop resulted in a detailed report of NHG's storage systems and infrastructure, as well as highlighting requirements and recommendations for:

  • Recovery Point Objective & Recovery Time Objective
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Data Retention Policies
  • Backup Media Preferences
  • Live/Test Data Distinctions


“SysGroup’s TechWorkshop was key to the planning of our storage project. Their structured approach gave me peace of mind that every aspect was covered, our business needs were defined and the technical requirements were incorporated into the final design.”


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