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As GardenSite grew, they faced these challenges:

  • Needed a more flexible and updated IT infrastructure
  • Concerns over security and speed of their website
  • Needed to achieve full PCI-DSS compliance
  • Wanted to promise security and due diligence to their customers
  • Increased website transactions
  • Unable to handle the increased traffic caused by finer weather and large marketing campaigns
  • Needed a comprehensive DR plan


GardenSite began partnering with SysGroup to comprehensively address all their IT concerns and create a custom solution. Technically speaking, this included:

  • Hosting GardenSite’s production applications at a primary site on a VMware cluster
  • Hosting their DR environment in AWS EU-Ireland region, which is always on, and can be accessed anytime by SysGroup
  • A dedicated encrypted IPSec tunnel carries the continuous reproduction data traffic between the primary & DR site
  • Zerto Virtual Replication controls the failover process in test and live situations
GardenSite plant stems


Key results achieved:

  • Speed & security
  • Full support from the SysGroup team to establish an on-going DR plan
  • Meeting PCI-DSS regulations to promise secure shopping to their customers
  • Able to process more transactions than ever before
  • Able to commence a TV advertisement marketing campaign with confidence that their website could managed the increased traffic


I came across SysGroup while searching online for a new service provider who would fit our list of criteria. It’s important for us to work with the right ‘people'...the team at SysGroup have always provided a solution for us in a timely manner, and are always conscious of how their good work affects ours.


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