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A new IT team had inherited an unwieldy domain structure and IT systems which were difficult to manage. They were tasked with modernising and upgrading SEGA® Europe’s IT infrastructure as well as introducing a more collaborative communication platform for all staff and users. There were many limitations to their old MS Exchange 2003 environment, and there was an urgent need to integrate newly-acquired studios into a global domain. Their aim was to build a long-term IT strategy and a phased approach to achieving IT and communications directives.


The solution designed for SEGA® Europe included these key features:

  • Microsoft® design, consultancy and installation services
  • Microsoft® system support and resolution
  • Microsoft® Exchange Enterprise for 1,000 users
  • Priasoft Migration Suits for Exchange (upwards of 1,000 email accounts migrated in one weekend)
  • KEMP Load Balancers to ensure even load distribution on servers

SysGroup also helped to introduce a single AD forest to streamline email and messaging infrastructure and improve internal staff communications. SEGA® Europe wanted a single naming convention with fully integrated address books and calendars.

For the new messaging services, a mixture of physical and virtual servers were installed. In the main European head office, combined Hub Transport / Client Access Servers were deployed, along with dedicated mailbox servers, in a database availability group (DAG) configuration.


SEGA® Europe saw clear results from the solutions provided by SysGroup. They felt that the solution helped them to scale to the demands of a global organisation. They also reported:

  • Greater business agility
  • Simplified administration and management
  • Greater failover & DR capacity
  • Maintenance can now happen during normal hours in a virtual environment


“We have an excellent working relationship with the SysGroup technical team. Their skill-sets, knowledge and outlook complement how we operate at SEGA® Europe and we can always rely on them to be flexible and go the extra mile.”


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