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What is Digital Transformation?

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Digital Transformation is a 'trending' phrase with a simple definition:

Using technology to transform, modify or begin new business processes to meet market requirements and overcome situational challenges.

In order to offer a superior customer experience and stay ahead of huge shifts in technology, businesses need to explore how digital transformation could improve every aspect of their strategy and operations—whether or not they consider themselves a tech business!

Our partner Dell has identified three key competencies required in order for companies to digitally transform:

  • Embracing software-centricity across business processes
  • Incorporating connected sensors, products and devices wherever possible
  • Deriving and analysing all of the data available to the business

With this approach to digital transformation, businesses will have better insights about their own products, services and customer experience. They can then translate this insight into action steps to differentiate and future-proof their business.

Why Consider Digital Transformation?

Ask yourself this question: how well did your business adapt to the Covid-19 lockdown? Were your team members able to:

  • communicate effectively?
  • download or access all necessary files and systems remotely?
  • connect to your network securely?
  • engage with and serve your customers with minimal disruption?

Businesses who achieved good levels of digital transformation were able to adapt reasonably well when the ultimate unexpected event changed our world overnight.

Investment into digital transformation will ensure that you can adapt and thrive through future challenges, no matter how disruptive. Ultimately, your goal is to provide a unique service to your customers, at speed, in a way that suits their preferences and goals. This increasingly requires a strong ‘digital-first’ approach to every aspect of your business model and inward and outward-facing platforms.

At the very least, steps toward digital transformation will help you to better organise, store and secure your data in line with regulatory requirements to protect your business and customers from cyber-crime or compromised data. With cyber-crime rising dramatically in 2020, this is one priority your business cannot overlook.

A Trusted Partner

For businesses who are aware of their need to embrace digital transformation, it may seem like a never-ending project, making prioritisation difficult.

At SysGroup, we understand that digital transformation, cloud migration and improving your IT security are on-going processes, so we help businesses to honestly assess their starting points and map out a plan for successful evolution and improvement.

Our expert infrastructure architects and project managers will work in tandem with your team to design a solution that meets and exceeds your needs and allows your business to stay competitive and secure in a new and shifting IT landscape.


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