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The Top 4 IT Services You Can Outsource

Written by SysGroup Marketing
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Did you know...

Approximately 65% of IT budgets are spent 'just to keep the lights on'!

Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Does your IT team or dedicated IT resource spend most of the time troubleshooting and updating software?
  • Do you rely on 100% uptime and accessibility to your key systems, but struggle to achieve that goal?
  • What if the monitoring, maintenance, updates, security configurations, backups and support could be shouldered and delivered by a partner you can trust?
  • What could you accomplish with that re-allocated time? What new project or initiative could move 'off the back-burner' and get the attention it deserves?

If you could only choose 4 IT functions to outsource, we'd recommend these ones:

1) IT Security 

We can help to secure your IT platform as part of our responsive IT services.

Cyber-security threats are always evolving, which makes it difficult to stay current with the latest threats. Managed service providers (MSPs) like SysGroup work with tried and tested firewalls, anti-virus technology and email security. Their outside perspective and expertise can help you to identify weak spots in your infrastructure where you could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, malware or phishing and you benefit from enterprise-grade security tools at a fraction of the cost.

2) Cloud Hosting 

Choosing between private, public or hybrid cloud and determining the right environment for your different workloads can be a daunting task. A consultation with an MSP will give you expert insight into which platforms and services will help you to achieve your goals.

An MSP will help you to choose a flexible server design – either a pre-configured server template, or create your own – containing your apps, libraries, data and associated configuration settings. All of this is designed to deliver optimum performance, resilience, high availability, security and ease of management.

3) Managed Infrastructure 

At SysGroup, our architects are experienced at building data-led IT infrastructures. We can help you to determine which data sets can be easily migrated to the cloud, and which data sets should remain locally or be processed at the edge of your network.

An MSP can offer insight and bolster your confidence that you’ve chosen the best mix of delivery models for your organisation, helping you to maximise the value you gain from data and achieve your overarching goals for performance, security, compliance and capacity. Plus, we're 'technology-agnostic', which means we focus on delivering excellent outcomes with a mixture of brands and products.

4) IT Support 

Security breaches, lost data, and malfunctioning systems don’t respect business hours. We can offer 24/7 helpdesk support, which is invaluable. On-site IT staff might struggle provide that level of support, but with managed IT support, you have access to a larger team who can help you when you need it most. 

Our 24/7 service desk consistently achieves 97% 'great' or 'good' customer feedback, delivering support you can rely on.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing your IT?

  • Get access to skilled expertise.

The more niche your industry is, the less likely you are to be on the cutting edge of new cloud computing technologies. Your time is stretched between different priorities and you may feel sceptical that your network is efficient, innovative and secure from outside threats.

Managed IT services connect you to experts in PCI DSS, disaster recovery, cyber-security and more. You gain the best bits of their knowledge, alongside 24/7/365 support to enhance your team's skills.

  • Focus on core activities & increase your in-house efficiency. 

Simple, yet time-consuming things like security updates and network monitoring can take all of your energy. Entrust these processes to a managed services provider and then devote your time to other priorities like testing, development and staff training. Managed IT takes the everyday burden of system maintenance and frees you to become an expert in your field.

  • Better risk management

With expertise on the latest technologies to secure your network, an MSP can help your firm to create a more comprehensive IT security strategy and a cyber security  incident management process.

You'll gain confidence that your business can quickly recover from an attempted breach and your team members will be clear on the process for who to alert and what to do if they suspect a breach has occurred. Achieving and then maintaining compliance will be easier with a trusted partner by your side.

  • Run your business 24x7.

We can provide the same level of support to any of your locations, so there is no need to worry about travel time between offices or whether your provider is sending you their best IT support staff member, or whoever happened to be available.

With guaranteed uptime of 99.99% in our SLAs, we deliver reliable and secure hosting services through our high-performance datacentres and network. You won't have to fear downtime anymore!

  • Staffing Flexibility 

Your MSP absorbs the cost of hiring the most proficient staff and the latest technology, and you can benefit from both for a fixed cost. There are no more call-out service fees or the massive expense of hiring your own complete IT team for single or multiple office sites.

  • Cut costs and save BIG!

It sometimes feels like IT budgets are shrinking every year, while the deadlines for new projects or rollouts are getting shorter. MSPs offer a wealth of expertise at costs to fit any budget. They also allow you to scale your environment in or out whenever you need to, or even change directions entirely without significant financial losses from single-use hardware. Predictable monthly costs give you peace of mind.

  • Improve service and delight your customers.

This is a 'cherry on top' benefit from outsourcing these key IT functions. When the stress of daily maintenance and updates is removed, you can focus on your unique business goals, like improving your offering and end-user experience. You'll be able to deliver your services consistently with an IT framework you can rely on.


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