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Top 10 IT trends to look out for in 2018

Written by SysGroup Marketing
2018 Tech Trends

Staying ahead of the latest trends in technology can be difficult, especially when they change so quickly! And even when you hear about technology trends like artificial intelligence or a dramatic increase in hacks or data breaches, it isn’t easy to see how that trend might affect your business or organisation.

At SysGroup, we started the new year by rounding up 10 of the IT trends you should see in 2018 into a whitepaper countdown.

Here is a taste of what you’ll find inside, including:

  • Preparation for GDPR legislation in May, a recap of its changes, and how cloud providers can help you get ready
  • Password Alternatives to increase security like biometric face scans, and why simple passwords are no longer sufficient
  • The possible internal security threats against your organisation, and the trick behind an email scam that stole over $5.3 billion in less than one year!


After reading our 2018 IT Trends Whitepaper, you’ll have a better understanding of how a cloud service provider can help you harness these trends to your advantage, especially because cloud hosting offers un-matched security against ‘hack attacks’ and will help you to comply with rapidly-approaching GDPR deadlines. Understanding these trends will help your organisation to be proactive in 2018, so you can set goals and make a strategic plan to incorporate the good trends into– and protect yourself from the bad ones!


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