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Tips for Data-Centric Migration

Written by SysGroup Marketing
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With data protection at the forefront of many corporate agendas, concerns about security during a migration to the cloud are legitimate. Research shows that, although businesses recognise the power and flexibility of cloud computing, many remain cautious about compliance, control, security, and access during a migration project.

Here are some tips to keep your data safe during the entire process of migration:

  1. Assess your data profile and any compliance requirements
    • During your migration, how much risk is acceptable? Can you migrate in stages, or do you need to migrate larger chunks all at once?
    • Does your industry have any legal requirements you should consider?
  2. Tap into expert help
    • Find specialists who have completed similar projects before, and understand your organisational objectives and how you plan to grow in the future
  3. Choose the right migration path
    • How much downtime can you afford? Make sure your cloud service provider can offer high-availability options like cluster extensions & replication

Our TechWorkshop methodology is the perfect example of how you can have peace of mind throughout a complicated migration process. We meet with your team and learn as much as possible about your current IT estate, and then compile our observations into a “current state assessment.” We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your network, storage, backup or DR strategy and operational structure before suggesting your options for migrating to the cloud.

Explore the TechWorkshop process.


Customer Success Story

Take 1 Transcription is a leading international provider of transcription, subtitling and translation services. They were exploring virtualisation and server consolidation options, and hoped to increase their backup capabilities and business continuity capacities. They were experiencing rapid growth and knew that seeking expert advice for their migration would relieve some of the pressure of crafting a solution on their own.

We decided that a full consultation and current state assessment would help Take 1 to find the perfect solution for them.

Read the Take 1 Transcription story to find out their thoughts on the TechWorkshop experience.

At SysGroup, we’re agnostic—not aligned to any specific hardware or approach, so our starting point is always flexible. We’ll work alongside you from the initial assessment to the final transition, demystifying cloud services and using our assessment of technologies to create the best solution for your business. We are all about solving your problems, not just selling you products. Because we are focused on security, you can trust that we will prioritise your data security during a seamless transition.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our team about scheduling a TechWorkshop, or about migration options suitable for your business or organisation.


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