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Why a TechWorkshop is Your Best First Step

Written by SysGroup Marketing
TechWorkshop IT Project Planning Meeting

Are you planning a cloud hosting, IT or migration project?

The first steps of a new project can be the hardest part.

  • Searching for the right provider or partner requires time and trust.
  • Your plans are incomplete, or you are struggling to choose between several possible solutions.
  • You have other stakeholders and decision-makers who aren't convinced to allocate funds for the project

We believe that a TechWorkshop is your best first step.


Simply put, a TechWorkshop demystifies the process of planning an IT project. More than a 'free consultation,' a TechWorkshop equips you with a snapshot of your entire IT estate alongside expert suggestions for solutions to complement your unique mission and goals. 

We recommend it to any business planning a project that is complex, requires investment or involve a degree of risk. It can help you to refine your ideas and distill them into a plan with a clear roadmap for where to go next.

Our TechWorkshop has 4 stages:

1) Plan and Prepare 

The on-site assessment is preceded by a detailed questionnaire, which helps the SysGroup technicians to understand a bit about your organisation and tailor the meeting to cover the most relevant areas.

The full-day consultation includes the SysGroup project team alongside all of your key stakeholders, allowing you to ensure that each person's concerns, needs and objectives are outlined.

Our team then goes away to prepare and deliver the next steps:

2) Current State Assessment (CSA)

A CSA provides the full picture of your current IT and business environment.

We look at everything, including your organisation, staff and how they work, including everything from network, storage and virtual structures to physical servers, support, wireless and backup.

3) Detailed Requirements Definition (DRD) 

We then take the CSA and the notes from our on-site visit to create a detailed examination of what you want to achieve, from both business and technical perspectives. These requirements are challenged, prioritised and time lined, and the DRD becomes the outline of your strategic roadmap.

4) Solutions, Scenarios & Recommendations (SSR)

Finally, the TechWorkshop method leads us to a comprehensive SSR. This is where we use the results of the CSA and DRD to develop a bespoke solution, service scenario and give you a range of recommendations, with clear costs.

The SSR gives you multiple options to proceed, but also comes with no obligation. If your team needs more time to reconsider your objectives, you can go away with plenty to think about.

What can you expect at the end?

The CSA, DRD and SSR are three documents that will be invaluable to your organisation.

  • They help you to grasp the scope of any projects you may be planning
  • They help you to see how your previous IT investments or existing infrastructure can complement and support future work
  • They help you make a clear business case to stakeholders and show due diligence during a project's proposal phase

Here's what our customer Notting Hill Genesis had to say about their TechWorkshop experience:

SysGroup's TechWorkshop was key to the planning of our storage project. Their structured approach gave me peace of mind that every aspect was covered, our business needs were defined and the technical requirements were incorporated into the final design.

Take your first steps with a TechWorkshop!


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