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Tangled: The Absolute Annoyance of Wires

Written by SysGroup Marketing

High up in the tower sits Rapunzel with her hordes of hair, meters and meters of it. She can fix it how she pleases, configure and style it how she pleases and use it how she pleases. However, because of the sheer amount it’s constantly in knots, tangled and generally confusing. Not to mention if some of the hair is broken or unavailable, it affects performance e.g. incoming traffic (prevents the Prince from clambering up). But she loves her hair because it’s there, with her and at her disposal.

Ridiculous reason to have that amount of hair, isn’t it?

Now replace the word ‘hair’ with wires.

And there we have our IT problem.

If 'Tangled' can teach us anything about modern working, it's that a mess of wires, cables and IT gadgets can really kill your productivity!

If you're a business leader or executive, then the minute details of your physical, on-site network might not get much attention. In fact, it might be reassuring for you to go into the server room and see the flashing lights on all the hardware, reminding you that everything is humming along nicely. that a false sense of security?


On-site IT infrastructures—especially if you’re a small to mid-sized business—are extremely susceptible to security breaches, are costly to maintain and are difficult to integrate with newer technologies.

Investment into on-premises hardware might seem like a wise choice to retain control and visibility, however, according to IDC research, the relative performance of IT assets like servers declines rapidly after year 3, down to 59% of capacity by year 7.

Additionally, by their 5th year, the expenses of maintaining and supporting a server increase by approximately 148%!

In that case, an ageing on-site IT infrastructure with a mess of tangled wires could become your biggest roadblock to success.

Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud means that your data and IT network is stored in a (probably much larger) data centre managed and monitored by a cloud hosting provider.

These data centres can far outpace the processing power and availability of the on-site servers you could previously afford. This is perhaps the most significant benefit of cloud computing: the ability to host your IT environment in data centres like these for a fraction of the cost, with no maintenance required from you.

'Untangling' and going 'wireless' offers significant business benefits, including: 

  • Cost-savings - the flexibility to reduce CAPEX costs through more predictable, monthly OPEX spending
  • Business continuity - minimise any disruptions to your service, especially through cloud backup or a full disaster recovery plan
  • Scalability - Your footprint in the cloud can grow with you or be easily scaled back when necessary
  • Security - Data stored in the cloud is incredibly secure and considerably more stable than outdated legacy hardware
  • Greater control - bring cohesion to your IT infrastructure & see where your data is stored plus monitor traffic and activity on your network with just a few clicks.


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