SysGroup Renews UK Government G-Cloud Certification

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Are you working in IT in the public sector? 

Searching for reliable and approved cloud hosting or support that meets government guidelines?

We’re proud to offer our services through the G-Cloud (Government Cloud) framework to public sector and government organisations.

Because of the comprehensive selection process, inclusion in the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace certifies SysGroup as an organisation, and ability to provide exceptional UK cloud hosting services to public sector organisations.

We understand the unique requirements and challenges for the public sector, and the importance of secure cloud hosting, migration and responsive and personalised cloud support to deliver your services effectively.

From emergency services and healthcare to education, social care and local government, the public sector employs 16.5% of the UK workforce! The public sector manages huge volumes of sensitive data and complex tasks on a tight budget. Not only that, but they are often a target for cyber-crime. Fear of a data breach has held many public sector organisations back from adopting cloud technologies.

SysGroup have a long history and wide range of experience working with educational institutions, healthcare and local government. For example, we are currently working in partnership with Merseyside Police to promote secure working practices and good cyber health for local businesses. We understand the unique regulations and work to deliver solutions that protect data and secure cloud operations with ease, backed by our expert team and industry-leading IT security partnerships.

Services we offer through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace include:

Cloud Support – Managed Cloud Migration:

Are you planning a migration to the cloud, but aren’t sure where to begin? Moving your servers, storage, software, databases, networking and analytics to the cloud will give you both cost-savings and control. With the right partner to help, migrating to the cloud can be demystified, simplified and streamlined.

Your datasets and files need the high levels of security and a seamless migration process with limited service interruptions. With experience across the public sector, education, local government, financial services and more, our approach gives close attention to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting: 

Hybrid cloud allows you to build a computing environment composed of both public cloud services and private hardware. This provides the scalability of public cloud, with the ability to run proprietary hardware either on premises or in a private data centre environment.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution to enable best in class hybrid cloud solutions. Using up to Tier III+ colocation and low latency and high bandwidth connections between private hardware and public cloud environments, our solutions are used by enterprises to provide mission-critical scalable systems worldwide.

Private Cloud Hosting:

Enjoy a dedicated, single-tenant environment in our powerful data centre network. Our private cloud hosting is designed to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Use our expert help to deploy complex workloads and retain full visibility and control of where your servers are located, creating a powerful and efficient IT infrastructure. We offer a complete end-to-end design, migration and management to enable best in class private cloud solutions.

Shared Cloud Hosting: 

Access a powerful, UK data centre network shared by multiple tenants, with no sacrifice of security features. Choose from leading platforms like AWS, Azure, Office 365 and the SysGroup cloud, fully managed and configured to ensure your investment delivers value.

Our experienced technicians help you to choose the right shared cloud services for your business and evaluate your network configurations to achieve optimal security and performance.


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