SysGroup Supports Full-Fibre Connectivity Initiative

Written by SysGroup Marketing

As one of ITS' technology partners, SysGroup is proud to be part of the full-fibre roll-out, providing ultrafast, digital infrastructure across the UK.

The provision of ultrafast, full-fibre connectivity will enable local businesses to scale and communicate more effectively. Copper-based cables are becoming increasingly obsolete, meaning digital connectivity is a crucial factor for success for businesses and their communities consuming services online.

Up until now, this ultrafast connectivity hasn't been readily available to everyone across the UK. This is a problem that has been worsened by the pandemic, leaving businesses throughout the Liverpool City Region struggling to connect. It’s a problem Faster Britain is meeting head on.

Our Chief Sales Officer, Nick Guite, recently caught up with LCR Connect to discuss the Faster Britain project, and how SysGroup, alongside our partners at ITS, will help our customers and region benefit from the new network.

Historically, what have been the connectively challenges experienced in the City Region?

It's been reported that across Merseyside, nearly one in every 15 properties haven't had access to reliable and affordable broadband in the last year. This has heightened the effects of the pandemic for both residential properties and businesses alike. The internet is no longer a 'nice to have', it's a necessity for people's livelihoods.

Without baseline broadband connectivity, it becomes impossible for people to communicate with colleagues and operate their business. Not to mention the social and ethical implications of those suffering in education due to insufficient digital connections.

How will LCR Connect and the network support SysGroup's business objectives?

As SysGroup's headquarters are based in Liverpool City Centre, our roots are firmly planted within the Liverpool City Region. As a result, it's important to us that the LCR Connect initiative will allow SysGroup to support the growth of local businesses by providing them with access to the full-fibre network from our partners ITS.

What challenges are SysGroup customers facing?

The modern workplace has proved difficult for a lot of customers following the shift to remote and hybrid working environments. One of the biggest concerns has been making those connections to colleagues and business partners across disparate locations. As this way of working become the 'new norm' so quickly and unexpectedly, these connections weren't, and still aren't, always accessible.

This is a major challenge that has caused business and operational disruption across many businesses, especially with cloud migration anf consumption being at an all time high. Having access to critical applications at all times is pivotal to business success.

The LCR Connect network will enable us to work with more local businesses and expand out presence across the Liverpool City Region. The majority of our clients are currently based across the South of England and South Wales where connectivity has been less of an issue, providing an exciting opportunity to help businesses closer to home level-up in a way that wouldn't have been possible without new network infrastructure.


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