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Sleeping Beauty: how managed IT helped a princess take her longest nap to date

Written by SysGroup Marketing

You're familiar with the classic story of Sleeping Beauty...aren't you?

A princess, doomed by the curse of a jealous witch to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall asleep for 100 years, until awakened by true love's kiss.

Her 3 fairy 'aunts', lessening the effects of the curse and generally making the whole story more whimsical, causing the entire kingdom to sleep while the princess is asleep.

A prince, breaking the curse and slaying the dragon who guards the castle where Sleeping Beauty is taking her extra-long nap.

What you might not know is what happened after the 'happily ever after.'

Sleeping Beauty never lost her passion for naps! In fact, as the times changed and princesses were expected to get into the modern workforce, she channeled an interest in IT into becoming the IT Director for Disney! (wink wink)

We know what you're thinking...IT! The job that truly never sleeps.

But here's her secret: Managed IT Services.

Sleeping Beauty learned about the benefits of partnering with a managed IT provider, and she was sold. Why?

Ultimately, she gets to take longer naps! She's even beaten her 100-year streak, enjoying many a peaceful night's sleep since switching to SysGroup for her managed IT services.

Here are just a few benefits, which your IT Director might enjoy too!

1) Peace of Mind 

This is one of the most basic reasons why clients across multiple sectors choose managed services for designing the right cloud environment or a bespoke infrastructure or for ongoing IT support.

Your valuable time can often be completely swallowed up by troubleshooting, managing security and software updates and explaining new procedures to your team. That's why it is so helpful for a managed IT provider to take the everyday burden of system maintenance and monitoring off your shoulders. Who might just get more beauty rest than ever before!

2) Enhanced Security 

With proverbial evil witches and ferocious dragons on the loose in the forms of malware and cyber crime, guarding your IT network has never been so important.

Because cyber-security threats are always evolving, MSPs are on the frontlines of new firewalls, anti-virus technology and email security. It can be hard to research and understand these new threats on your own when your time and resources are limited. Their outside perspective and expertise can help you to identify weak spots in your infrastructure where you could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, malware or phishing. At a fraction of the cost, you can gain enterprise-grade tools to guard your network from outside attack.

3) Strategic Advice

A managed IT provider allows you to narrow your focus and achieve your unique business goals by offering strategic direction and consultancy.

Choosing between public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures can be daunting, but a MSP can help outline the differences between each, and suggest which services will help you to meet your requirements and goals.

Then when you report back to your CIO or other directors, you'll have a much clearer picture of how your IT strategy can support larger projects or initiatives within the business, gaining their support and understanding for IT spending and transformation.


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