Cyber Security

Seeing Clearly: Spotting the Cyber Threats in Your Network

Written by SysGroup Marketing

Why do you need network visibility?

You can’t stop the threats you can’t see. And with the sheer volume of threats and security alerts that the average business receives, it's nearly impossible to get past the noise to find the threats that really matter.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Well that’s all fine and good for a large enterprise, but that doesn’t apply to me. I’m running security for a midsize business. Who really wants our data?”

Even if you’re not receiving that many security alerts, you are still being bombarded with more cyber attacks than you could ever adequately review. With limited resources, and each alert requiring around 30 minutes to review, how can you possibly keep up?

IT teams need to understand what is happening in their network as quickly as possible in order to detect, respond to and block cyber threats. But with limited staff and resources, you don’t have time to scan through oceans of log data or monitor every solution protecting your business.

For today’s IT teams, having the data alone is no longer good enough. IT organisations need solutions that provide actionable insight to help them quickly see the threats attacking their network and provide details on how they can take action.

The threats against your network are designed to stay hidden...

As hackers' skills continue to evolve, the threats against your business are designed to stay hidden in your environment for as long as possible. In fact, a 2017 report states that the average time to detect a breach is 206 days, and the average response time is 28 days after detection. That means that an attack that occurred on December 31st wouldn’t even be detected until late July, and would likely still be present in mid-August.

Studies show that four to five NEW malware types are created every second. For IT teams, this means you need a way to quickly find the threats meant to stay hidden before any damage can be done.

Network visibility also helps with traffic flow.

Protecting against advanced threats and attacks isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. IT managers are also the first ones to get the call when the network is slow or employees can’t access the resources they need.

Two key areas of concern are employee productivity and network efficiency. Having visibility into these parts of your network ensures that corporate resources are being allocated in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  • Employee Productivity 

Some employees spend time and your resources downloading media or surfing the web, ultimately, ignoring their daily tasks and assignments. This cyber loafing will continue without proper visibility into this activity. How can you tell who they are? With the introduction of technologies that monitor application usage, businesses can use throttling and traffic shaping to ensure business-critical applications have the proper amount of bandwidth while keeping employees focused on what is important.

  • Network Efficiency

Businesses may experience slow connection speeds around the same time every day. These bottlenecks typically occur when demands for resources are at their daily peak. This can cause users to become frustrated, while operations slow to a crawl. Without complete visibility into your network, you can’t identify the source of the bottleneck and the problems will only persist.

WatchGuard 'Cloud Visibility' offers actionable insights for your business.

You need to understand what’s happening in your network right away in order to detect and respond to threats.

WatchGuard Cloud Visibility offers fast, reliable access so your IT team can quickly spot patterns and make informed decisions when it matters most. By leveraging the platform’s vast dashboards and reporting features, you can rapidly gather insights on network security events, compliance audits or even risky or inappropriate user behaviour. This type of monitoring dashboard also provides detailed information on bandwidth consumption to ensure efficient and effective network usage. Using this cloud platform, you can monitor and gain critical insights about your network security in real time, from anywhere, and at any time.

WatchGuard Cloud Visibility offers over 100 dashboards and reports to help you stay informed to make timely, effective and data-driven decisions about your security.

Executive-level information on your network, such as:

  • Top users
  • Top destinations
  • Top applications
  • Top domains

Firebox security information, such as:

  • Top blocked botnet sites
  • Top blocked clients and destinations
  • Top blocked advanced malware attacks
  • Intrusion prevention

WatchGuard Cloud Visibility also offers out-of-the-box compliance reporting for PCI DSS, HIPAA and KCSiE. You can easily pull these reports to share with executives, compliance offers – even auditors.


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