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Santa's Snow Cloud Confusion - Part 1

Written by Victoria Wilson

“Oh Rudolph," Santa sighs, "These paper lists are getting harder and harder to manage each year and I swear I’m missing so many details since Winklepop elf lost my 2017 list.”

It’s been a stressful year. Not only did an elf misplace his list, he’s also had to deal with GDPR for the pesky children in Europe. His systems still aren't fully-compliant though, and he’s worried that the ICO will suss him out and then everything will be ruined – it’s sensitive information after all!

“Why can’t I just retire to the Bahamas!”

He fires up his computer and connects to the santanet.

He begins to search for a solution to his list problems, and he remembers that his friend the Tooth Fairy has recently worked with SysGroup.

Being more of a present expert and navigator, with experience of a different type of cloud, Santa decides to book in a TechWorkshop. They sound fun and he’s got a Workshop too so it’s something they have in common. He fires them off a quick email with his address on for the engineers to attend and sits back. Almost by coincidence, Mrs Klaus pops in with some mince pies – it must be a sign.

Fast forward a week, after having provided details of his types of systems and processes, two very smiley engineers show up in all their winter gear.

Santa didn’t need to repeat himself, the engineers knew exactly what he needed.

The first problem…avoid losing his precious lists.

The engineer explained that they can set Santa up with a backup and replication solution. Instead of printing off his list a few times, which they explained was not secure, Santa could mirror his list applications in a fail-safe environment, so it would run as normal but also be backed up.

Santa voiced his concerns about the speed of recovery should anything go wrong on a day such as Christmas Eve.

“Fear not," assured the engineers, the system can be restored in hours and not days so it wouldn’t affect his oh-so-important trip on such a special night. What really made his beard wiggle was the fact that SysGroup would continuously test the recovery plan to improve the resilience AND this would go without interrupting Santa’s daily operations. 'Snow' doubt that would be a brilliant addition to his Workshop environment. 


The second to keep all this sensitive data safe.

After Winklepop lost the 2017 list, Santa had become a little wary of who had access to his data on the children of the world. He remembered the conversation reprimanding the elf, telling him that anyone could have found the list, switched the naughty and nice columns and wreaked havoc on Christmas!

The cloud engineers from SysGroup told Santa that moving his list to the cloud would make it incredibly secure. They had data centres with top-notch security all around the UK, and all of his data would be safe there through their firewalls and end-to-end encryption. All of their cloud migration projects were designed for a seamless transition where no files would be compromised or lost along the way. Compared to the many hard copies of his list, this cloud storage method would actually be compliant with the international data regulations that Santa was so fearful of breaking.

Also, Santa would only have to pay for the storage that he was actually using (which fluctuates year-to-year depending on global baby booms) and could save money because he wouldn't need to buy his own servers and other hardware.

"This is perfect!" Santa exclaimed, "I'm so glad I found you!"

BEEP BEEP! His iJingle smart-watch lit up.

Only 15 days until Christmas! 

Santa and the engineers set a date to migrate his list to the cloud, and Santa gave them a jolly laugh and handshakes as they left.

To be continued..

Find out how Santa gets on in Part 2. Take a read here! 


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