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Santa's Snow Cloud Confusion - Part 2

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Santa's Snow Cloud Confusion Part Two, Mrs. Claus invests in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Don't forget to read part one of 'Santa's Snow Cloud Confusion' first! 

Mrs. Claus waved her oven mitts in front of her face as the steam from the oven fogged up her glasses. That was it! The final batch of homemade reindeer protein treats...Rudolph's favourite recipe. She turned off the oven and put the kettle on for another cup of peppermint tea. It was Christmas crunch time, and her to-do list was steadily getting smaller and smaller. After all, someone has to keep Santa on track, and Mrs. Claus is the Chief Christmas Operating Officer (CCOO).

Mrs. Claus had seen the emails that Santa exchanged with the SysGroup technicians. After completing their TechWorkshop, he had migrated their data to a secure cloud environment with full backup and GDPR-compliant hosting.

Mrs. Claus was thrilled with the project that SysGroup carried out for the North Pole Workshop, but she noticed that something was missing.

Yes, the names, addresses and birthdates of all the children on the list were secure in a hybrid cloud environment with firewalls and state-of-the-art encryption.

Yes, if anything went wrong with the servers, a second copy of all the data could be restored within minutes from frequent backups.

Yes, the entire thing was tested and monitored 24/7/365 by the SysGroup team to prevent any downtime or lost files.

But one problem remained...

How was Mrs. Claus going to keep an eye on Santa as he travelled 'round the entire world on Christmas Eve? 

In recent years she relied on text message updates from Mr. Claus as he went region to region. But sometimes she wouldn't hear from him for over an hour! She remembered last Christmas, when Winklepop elf lost his list and they had to frantically piece the route together in the last few days. It was such a stressful night with no guarantee that the presents made it to the correct houses on time. She was also beginning to worry that Santa was lingering too long at some houses, perhaps taking a quick nap in the comfiest chair after polishing off a few more cookies.

Surely there was a way she could see his progress in real time as he ticked each house off the list on his tablet in the sleigh. 

Mrs. Claus decided to email the SysGroup technicians again and see if they could help. Within the hour she was on the phone with one of those smiley technicians who had been out to the North Pole last week. 

Sure enough, the helpful SysGroup tech had the perfect solution for tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. "It's called desktop virtualisation," he explained. "It puts your entire system in a centralised place in the cloud so everyone who accesses it will see the same desktop. From your control panel in the North Pole office you can see the same thing Santa sees on his screen and watch his progress in real time."

This was perfect! Mrs. Claus clapped her hands. The technician explained that they could complete a 'VDI pilot' exercise to assess the current IT infrastructure and decide which apps and files were most important for the elves in the workshop, the stablehands with the reindeer and Santa in his sleigh to access remotely. Then from her control panel, Mrs. Claus could enable access for different users to ensure maximum security. Additionally, she would see Santa's updates in their shared database as he ticked each house off the master list throughout the night.

She was also glad to hear that SysGroup partners with VMware to deliver their virtualisation services. She could trust that they were getting the best value for their investment and that the SysGroup technicians knew VMware View inside and out.

Mrs. Claus arranged for the technicians to set up their virtual infrastructure and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Thanks to SysGroup, Christmas 2018 was going to be their most efficient and secure holiday ever!


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