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Finding the Right Partner for DR + Backup

Written by SysGroup Marketing
Finding a partner for your DR + Backup strategy

Data loss can be one of the most overwhelming crises to strike your business.

In an era of data security and advancing cyber attacks, disaster recovery plans have become a priority for businesses in every sector.

According to Cloud Industry Forum research in 2017, 63% of SMBs, larger enterprises and public sector organisations expected to use the cloud for data backup and disaster recovery by 2020. 

Why are so many businesses turning to managed services providers for disaster recovery?

Because a trusted partner is invaluable when facing a crisis you can't manage yourself. Data loss and downtime from a disaster or accident could do irreparable damage to your brand reputation and profits.

Are you new to disaster recovery and backup? Here's a great place to start. 

So, how do you find a suitable data recovery partner, one you can really trust with your business-critical infrastructure and applications? What criteria should you look for, and what questions should you ask? 

Here are our top tips for finding the right DR + Backup partner:

  • Assess their experience 

Do your research by reading other customer stories. Look for a partner with DR and backup as a core pillar of their service offering. Pay attention to their technology partnerships as well. Are they working with leading disaster recovery experts like Veeam, Dell EMC and Zerto?

  • Expect exceptional security 

Look for features like vulnerability scans of your infrastructure in its DR environment, which can happen without any disruption to your normal operations. Be sure that your DR partner uses state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption in their data centres. Don't forget to check that they meet any compliance or industry-specific regulations like GDPR and PCI-DSS.

  • Investigate their network 

Know where your infrastructure and data will be hosted, and look for clear evidence of high-powered cooling and 24/7 monitoring by highly-trained technicians.

  • Expect frequent testing and improvement 

Look for a partner who is eager to test and re-test your disaster recovery plans in order to reduce your RTO and RPO as much as possible. Do they treat your data and network with the same care they'd give their own? Look for a partner who takes their time understanding your business' infrastructure and unique goals.

  • Look for clear agreements

Can they confidently meet your SLAs? Also pay attention to the level of service you are agreeing to. Determine whether a semi-managed or fully-managed solution will suit your needs, and investigate other customers' level of satisfaction with their support.

Quick intervention can lead to a successful recovery with minimal downtime or loss. Time is precious in a data loss situation. 

If you find a DR and backup provider who fits these criteria, then proceed with confidence! Begin building your relationship and aim for mutual trust. Then rest easy knowing that your business' IT infrastructure is prepared and guarded from data loss, cyber-attack or natural disaster.


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