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The Challenge of Remote Laptop Backup

Written by SysGroup Marketing

When was the last time you were able to work from home? Do you regularly take your laptop to cafes or on the train to catch up on emails or finalise a presentation?

If so, you're among the majority of UK workers (54%) who work flexibly in some way.

The Benefits 

There are numerous benefits to remote and flexible working, which is why 68% of workers in that same survey wish they could work remotely in ways they aren't currently able to! 

Remote working offers scheduling flexibility to employees alongside increased efficiency and hopefully productivity as well. Individuals who work remotely often report positive benefits to their quality of life.

The Risks 

Unfortunately, the portability of connected devices means that sensitive data and files are travelling and being accessed from various locations, with no guarantee of security.

As an employer, each team member working remotely on the phone, a laptop or tablet represents a potential way that your network could be breached with critical data compromised or stolen.

You might be hesitant to allow your employees to work remotely. In one survey, over half of UK companies said that their greatest concern with remote working was the complexity and inability to secure devices remotely.

There is additional risk in allowing company devices to leave the premises, especially where secure data backups are concerned. Without a secure connection to save and sync documents, data on laptops is left open to theft and compromise.

Secure backup for modern work habits.

Securing endpoint devices, especially laptops used to work remotely should be a top priority for your business. 

  • Review and update your policies and procedures for remote working, especially on the procedure for data backups and appropriate usage.
  • Only allow approved devices to connect to your IT network and/or cloud platforms.
  • Enforce encryption and 2FA or MFA on company laptops and mobile phones.
  • Choose network monitoring tools or a managed IT security provider to monitor all traffic on your network and spot potential threats before they develop.
  • Be sure that all company laptops or tablets are connected with a secure cloud backup solution for continuous data replication and to minimise the risk of lost or stolen data.

Managed virtual desktop allows for central management of desktops, user data and applications across all connected devices. With VMware View desktop virtualisation, end-users benefit from greater freedom, flexible access and improved levels of service, while the IT team have improved management and control. Employees will experience a personalised, quality user experience across different devices wherever they are logged-in from. At the same time, the network can be monitored for any threats from the centralised location. Desktop virtualisation has a wide range of applications, and is particularly useful for businesses and organisations in healthcare, education, insurance and legal firms.

Another critical component is access to email. With Microsoft Office 365 migration and consultancy, your employees will be able to take important emails, files and collaborative tools with them wherever they go. Reduce overhead and complexity for your IT team with the trusted and powerful gold standard for email management. And, if you're planning a complex migration project, our Microsoft-fluent technicians are familiar with all of the older versions, so you can expect a seamless upgrade. 

Investment into managed IT tools like these can help to take your business into the 21st century, empowering remote working and stabilising your IT environment overall.


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