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Remote Access, Wherever Whenever

Written by SysGroup Marketing

It's a gorgeous, bluebird day in the French Alps; perfect for those freshly piste-bashed runs. At 1pm after a few slopes, Joe decides it's ok to spend an hour or two checking in on the office, and mentally-prepping himself for the jump back to reality...actually he forgot to inform his manager that his holiday had been extended through Monday and Tuesday, and he has to be sure that nothing urgent is waiting for him. Plus, in the last few months, his company has upgraded to a new platform that allows you to log-into the system remotely, check on sales leads and more, from anywhere there's internet access! No one will ever know, right? Joe settles down into a comfy deckchair and opens up his laptop.

The first email thread he sees is the Monday morning check-in, where different team members send in their priorities for the day. Joe starts to type his reply, inserting a few extra details to make things believable. He quickly checks his weather app for home, and adds a cheerful comment to the end of his email, "Another grey and drizzly day, but we'll manage!"

A few minutes later, a reply pings back. It's Joe's manager Laura. "Isn't the sleet just the worst," she said, "if only we were in the Alps!" His head snaps up. He quickly looks around the hotel lobby, and his gaze stops at the boot room door.



Ok, ok, we know this is a crazy example. But the moral of the story is, while we can empower remote access for your employees anywhere in the world, we aren't responsible for them working wherever, whenever!

In the UK, 13% of employees regularly work away from their office. At SysGroup, we help to empower the modern workforce through virtualisation. Managed virtual desktop allows for central management of desktops, user data and applications in a data centre. With VMware View desktop virtualisation, end-users benefit from greater freedom, flexible access and improved levels of service, while IT achieve improved management and control. Employees will experience a personalised, quality user experience across different devices wherever they are logged-in from. At the same time, the network can be monitored for any threats from the centralised location. Desktop virtualisation has a wide range of applications, and is particularly useful for businesses and organisations in healthcare, education, insurance and legal firms.

Another important component for working wherever whenever is access to email. With Microsoft Office 365 migration and consultancy, your employees will be able to take important emails, files and collaborative tools with them wherever they go. Reduce overhead and complexity for your IT team with the trusted and powerful gold standard for email management. And, if you're planning a complex migration project, our Microsoft-fluent technicians are familiar with all of the older versions, so you can expect a seamless upgrade. 

Investment into Managed IT can help to take your business into the 21st century, empowering remote working and stabilising your IT environment overall. Hey, we can all agree that Joe should have notified his manager, but a future where you can always access your network from sunny Spain, snowy Switzerland or rainy England sounds pretty great to us!

Managed IT allows flexibility and scalability


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